Andriol Testocaps

Andriol, or testosterone undecanoate, is an oral steroid that is most commonly found in 40mg capsules. 

What Is Testosterone Undecanoate?

Andriol is an oral form of testosterone booster that allows men to maintain normal or elevated testosterone levels without the need for inconvenient injections.

It is commonly prescribed to men with a condition known as low-T or andropause, which occurs when men’s bodies no longer produce enough testosterone on their own. It is widely available in athletic circles, easy to find, and often relatively affordable when used as a form of hormone replacement.

When compared to other forms of testosterone, Andriol Testocaps for sale is one of the safest, and it produces very few side effects in men who use it according to guidelines.

The primary consideration with Andriol, especially when used for performance enhancement, is its low bioavailability. When you take 40mg of testosterone undecanoate, for example, your body may only be able to utilize a very small fraction of the active hormone.

While most oral steroids tend to be alkylated to help them survive their pass through the liver, Andriol has an oil base. This means it does not cause liver damage, but at the same time, not as much of the active ingredient survives.

What Does Andriol for Sale Do?

In the athletic world, Andriol Testocaps for sale can be used as performance enhancers to some degree. There are two very common uses.

  • As a testosterone base for a steroid cycle – Men who use anabolic steroids must be aware that these products suppress their bodies’ ability to produce testosterone naturally. As a result, it is vital for these men to supplement with exogenous testosterone on-cycle. While some men may choose propionate or enanthate esters for their strength and potency, others turn to Andriol because it is effective and mild.
  • As a strength and stamina boost – When used in larger doses, Andriol can facilitate the development of strength and stamina, which may play a role in gaining muscle mass during a bulking cycle. Keep in mind that while testosterone undecanoate is generally not recommended for bulking cycles as a standalone supplement, it is a great introduction to steroids for beginners, and it can certainly synergize with many of today’s most popular anabolic compounds.

Andriol Dosage and Use

Andriol doses can range from 40mg per day to as much as 500mg per day depending on goals. The chart below shows average doses for hormone replacement, for use as a testosterone base, and for providing strength and stamina during a bulking cycle.

GoalMinimum Daily DoseMaximum Daily Dose
Hormone Replacement
On-Cycle Base

For hormone replacement therapy, men should start with a dose on the higher end of the scale and work their way down to a maintenance dose. For use as a testosterone base and a bulking supplement, this is reversed. Gradually increasing the dose is a great way to judge your personal tolerance and reaction to exogenous testosterone, especially if you are new to supplements for performance enhancement.

Andriol Side Effects

Andriol side effects can vary from person to person based on dosage, cycle length, and personal tolerance. While some men may never experience any bothersome side effects, others may experience moderate to severe effects. These include: 

  • Oily skin and acne;
  • Accelerated male pattern baldness;
  • Bloating;
  • Mood changes;
  • Gynecomastia;
  • Worsening lipid profiles; and
  • Suppressed testosterone production.

When using Andriol, you should incorporate an aromatase inhibitor into their cycles to prevent estrogenic side effects.

You should also consider well-planned PCT to help your body start producing testosterone on its own following your cycle.

How and Where to Buy Andriol

Andriol for SaleAndriol Testocaps for sale are widely available and commonly prescribed by physicians. In the US and other countries where exogenous testosterone supplements and steroids are illegal without a prescription, you will need to visit your doctor and demonstrate medical need before you can receive such a prescription.

For many men who want to use testosterone undecanoate for performance enhancement, this is difficult – if not downright impossible. Even so, the doses prescribed will not be enough to provide a noticeable effect in your performance.

Though expensive and quite inconvenient, for some, the trip is worth the results. Be aware that bringing testosterone across the border is a crime, and the punishment can be quite severe. You may also be able to buy Andriol online from a variety of wholesalers and retailers.

These companies ship in discreet packaging, but again, this is considered illegal without a prescription. Before you buy Andriol Testocaps, it is vital that you understand all the potential implications and weigh the potential benefits against the risks.

Tips for Buying Andriol for Sale Online