What Is Winstrol?

Stanozolol is the chemical name for an anabolic steroid more commonly known as Winstrol. In the athletic world, it is often called Winnie or Winny steroid, and for veterinary use, it is called Winstrol-V. While it was once commonly prescribed to treat anemia and angioedema thanks to its ability to boost red blood cell production, today, it is rarely prescribed and is used more often as a performance enhancer.

What Is Winstrol?

Winstrol was first developed in 1962 by a company known as Winthrop Laboratories, and in those years, it was a common prescription medication. Not only did it help patients maintain their weights, it even helped patients gain weight despite certain muscle-wasting conditions. The Winnie steroid did not aromatize like others, which meant the risk of side effects was much lower. This made it favorable among doctors and veterinarians alike. There are no estrogenic side effects associated with it, making it safe for both men and women. The Winny steroid is available in both oral and injectable form, but it’s worth noting that the injectable form offers no benefit over the oral.

These days, while Winstrol is still available in some pharmacies and veterinary clinics, it is no longer prescribed as often as it once was. It is far more popular among athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts who want to sculpt the perfect Physique and enhance their ability to perform on the stage, on the field, or even in the gym. What is Winstrol? It’s a popular performance enhancer and one that many athletes recommend to first-time users.

What Does Winstrol Do?

By and large, this is the most common question asked of the Winny steroid. For men, stanozolol plays a part in cutting cycles by facilitating fat loss. At the same time, its anabolic properties allow men to retain their solid muscle gains, which is the definition of the perfect cutting cycle. Winstrol is also common for performance enhancement; it provides a great deal of strength, boosts stamina, and allows the user to get more out of every workout. Although beginners may opt to try Winstrol For Bulking cycles with minimal results, it is not the bulking steroid of choice for more experienced users.

The Winnie steroid is also one of the very few anabolic steroids safe enough for women to use. This is due in part to its non-estrogenic properties and its low anabolic rating. Women can utilize it for bulking and experience moderate results. At lower doses, it provides much the same benefits for women as it does for men – the ability To Burn Fat, retain lean muscle mass, and perform at their peak.

Typical Winstrol Doses

Winstrol doses will vary based on factors like your sex and goals, and just as the doses will vary, so will the cycle lengths. Like most anabolic steroids, the more you take with each dose, the shorter your cycle should be as a result. The chart below shows maximum daily doses based on goals for both men and women, and it also provides an ideal cycle length based on that dose. Remember, this information is only meant to serve as a reference point.

GoalMax Daily Dose (Men)Max Daily Dose (Women)Max Cycle Length (Weeks)

*It is not typically recommended that men use Winstrol for adding bulk, though beginners may experience some gains. When using the maximum recommended dose, it is vital to keep watch for side effects and use the shortest cycle length possible to mitigate side effects.

Winstrol Stacking

Another way to answer the question, “What does Winstrol do?” is simple and to the point. Winstrol works well with a variety of other supplements to boost their effects. For example, the Winny steroid pairs very well with testosterone, HGH, and even steroids like Trenbolone to help you shed fat while you maintain (and even gain) muscle mass.

Some of the best tips for getting the most out of your Winstrol stack are as follows:

  • Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated always.
  • Eat lots of green vegetables for their nutrients, which include magnesium, iron, calcium, and more.
  • Eat generous amounts of citrus fruits for their concentrations of vitamin C.
  • Get seven to nine hours of Sleep every night to facilitate Recovery.
  • Continue your normal maintenance workouts to prevent muscle loss.
  • Add low-intensity cardio and aerobics into your workouts to burn fat.
  • Avoid processed foods, especially those containing loads of sugar, and steer clear of simple carbs.
  • Do not smoke or drink. Consuming alcoholic beverages while on-cycle can vastly increase the odds of liver damage.

Winstrol Stack with Testosterone

Whether you are a man or a woman, testosterone is vital to your very existence. It’s secreted in both the male and female reproductive organs in varying amounts, and it is the hormone considered responsible for producing “male” characteristics. Testosterone is necessary for the development of male and female sex organs, and for men, it plays a role in the development of secondary sex characteristics, too. Although Winstrol is a derivative of testosterone, many men choose to add testosterone to their Winnie steroid cycles to prevent symptoms associated with low testosterone levels.

This may seem counterintuitive since Winstrol comes from testosterone, but there’s actually a very good reason for it. Winstrol mimics testosterone in the male body, so that means it binds to the same receptors, thus shutting down the production of natural testosterone. This essentially puts the body in a deficit state, which can result in things like low libido, fat gain, chronic Fatigue, erectile dysfunction, and even testicular atrophy. Adding testosterone to your Winstrol stack can help you avoid these symptoms.

Why People Buy Winstrol Online

Though there’s no denying the power of a Winstrol cycle, it is considered illegal in many countries – including the United States. Regardless, there seems to be a supply of it in most gyms and Bodybuilding circles. People buy Winstrol online for many different reasons, but it often turns out to be the safest and most discreet way to obtain it. There are a few different ways to get this steroid despite its legal status.

  • With a doctor’s prescription. Though it’s rare, doctors will sometimes prescribe Winstrol to treat certain medical conditions. If you can obtain a prescription, you can purchase Winstrol legally in a pharmacy that sells it.
  • From a veterinarian. Winny-V is the veterinary form of the steroid, and it typically comes in powder form. It’s possible to use this to make your own capsules, though you should use extreme caution to avoid adding too much or too little.
  • From an online pharmacy. Some online pharmacies, both in the US and internationally, still sell Winstrol without a prescription. This can be quite dangerous, and it can come with legal repercussions for both the buyer and the seller.
  • From street vendors or underground labs. Winstrol is most often processed in underground laboratories and sold by street vendors. Unfortunately, in situations like these, it’s possible for labs to duplicate the appearance of genuine Winny steroid pills to create counterfeit drugs that do not contain the active ingredient. There is no real way to guarantee quality or safety, so you should use discretion when buying Winstrol pills in this way.

Proper Administration

what does winstrol doSince Winstrol can be administered either orally or through injection, you can use whichever method suits your preferences. Winstrol Depot is just as dangerous to your liver as the oral version, so it’s important to follow Winstrol dosage guidelines carefully regardless of the product you use. Men will use an average of 50mg each day, and women will use an average of 10mg per day. Exact doses, dose ranges, and cycle lengths vary based on goals, tolerance, and sex.

Winstrol is hepatotoxic, and because of this, it should be used at the lowest effective dose for the shortest possible cycle. What’s more, you should consider using a supplement designed to provide some additional protection. Milk thistle is a highly recommended option; studies suggest it can provide an effective layer of protection when it is used for the entire length of your cycle. There are some other supplements on the market, such as Liver Care, which are blends of natural ingredients that have been shown to work together to prevent liver toxicity.

Women who choose to use Winstrol for cutting, bulking, or performance enhancement should do so with caution. Though it is typically considered “safe” for women, androgenic Winstrol side effects are a possibility. These can include excess hair growth, a deepening voice, and even clitoral enlargement, which can become permanent. Again, using the steroid according to guidelines is the best way to avoid this.

Finally, if you have any medical conditions, or if you take medications regularly, Winstrol may not be right for you. It can exacerbate certain conditions, including many types of cancers, heart disease, diabetes, and high cholesterol, and it can interact with many common prescription and over-the-counter medications. For this reason, it’s best to consult a physician before beginning any steroid cycle.

Guidelines for Your First Winstrol Cycle

Now that you have the answers to questions like “What is Winstrol?” and “What does Winstrol do?”, you may be interested in planning your First Cycle so you can see the benefits for yourself. The following guidelines will help ensure that you see real results and keep side effects to a minimum.

  • Use a dose on the low end of the scale based on your goals. For example, if you are a man interested in using Winstrol for cutting, and the maximum daily dose is 50mg, use a dose of 25mg per day, instead. Stick to the same cycle length the first time. This will give you a good idea of how your body will react.
  • Buy Winstrol for the entire cycle up front. Running out of Winnie steroid in the middle of a cycle can be unpleasant, so make sure you add up the total amount you will need and buy it before you start.
  • Purchase supplements and PCT up front, too. You should never, ever start a steroid cycle if you do not have the required supplements for liver care and PCT on hand. Running any steroid cycle without the recommended supplements and PCT can create serious side effects.
  • Keep yourself healthy. Anabolic steroids, much like corticosteroids, can weaken your body’s immune system temporarily. It’s important to eat healthy meals, wash your hands frequently, and avoid contact with anyone who may have a contagious illness for this reason.
  • Pay attention to your body. Remember: the information presented to you here is meant to be a set of guidelines. Your body may not tolerate a dose of 50mg per day, or you may find that 25mg a day isn’t enough to provide you with any performance enhancing benefits.

Winstrol is a very popular steroid, and for good reason. It retains muscle mass during cutting cycles, which allows athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts to reduce their body fat percentages without fear of muscle loss. It’s also quite safe when used according to guidelines.