Trenbolone Cycles

Trenbolone is one of the most powerful anabolic steroids available today and, as such, should be used responsibly. This means stacking with other products and using Trenbolone cycles rather than taking Tren alone for extended periods. The cycle that works best for you will depend primarily on your expectations and tolerance to the steroid. Although Tren can add some lean muscle mass during a bulking cycle, most men prefer Tren cycles to help them maintain muscle as they burn fat, known as “cutting”.

Basic Trenbolone Cycles

Many will refer to a basic Tren cycle as a “beginner’s cycle”, but this is simply not the case. Trenbolone is quite powerful, and only men who have previous experience with other (milder) anabolic steroids should try Trenbolone cycles. With that in mind, the basic cycle is a great starting place since it allows men to determine their individual tolerance levels. The chart below shows dosing and cycling options for beginners, whether they are bulking or cutting.

GoalStarting DoseStarter Cycle LengthMaximum DoseMaximum Cycle Length
8 Weeks
12 Weeks
10 Weeks
12 Weeks

These are simply guidelines, and some men may find that they need more than listed here, even as beginners. You should never take more than 600mg per week during Trenbolone cycles for cutting or 1000mg per week when bulking. These are considered incredibly high doses and they are risky even for the most advanced users.

How to Take Your Weekly Dose

The way you will use Trenbolone will depend primarily on the form you have available. For example, if you’re completing your Trenbolone cycles with the enanthate version, you can dose once or twice per week and achieve amazing results. On the other hand, if you’re using the acetate ester, bear in mind that it has a very short half-life and you should dose it every other day – if not every day. You will need to divide your weekly dose by the number of days in the week you will inject Tren to find the right dosage.

As an example, if you are using Trenbolone acetate at 400mg per week, and you plan to inject four days per week (roughly every other day), then you would use 100mg injections four times each week to meet that goal. Conversely, if you wanted to take 400mg of the Trenbolone enanthate ester each week during Tren cycles, and you wanted to inject every Monday and Thursday, you would simply divide that 400mg in half to get a twice-weekly dose of 200mg.

Stacking during Trenbolone Cycles

Although Trenbolone cycles can be quite powerful, they work best when paired with other anabolic steroids designed to help you meet your specific goals.

GoalStack Option 1Stack option 2

Bear in mind that when you stack compounds during Tren cycles, you may need to lower the dose of each compound in the cycle for safety’s sake. As another tip, when you plan a Trenbolone cycle for bulking, especially with the trenbolone enanthate ester, the best way to reach your goals is to use what is often called an “oral kickstart”. Both Dianabol and Anadrol are powerful oral bulking steroids, so you can use them at intermediate doses for four to six weeks at the front of your cycle while waiting for the Trenbolone to build up. Then, simply stop the oral and continue the Trenbolone for the Rest of the cycle.

How to Supplement a Tren Cycle

Trenbolone CyclesPairing this amazing steroid with another compound can help you get the most out of your Trenbolone cycle, but it’s important to consider other non-steroid supplements that may benefit you, as well. You will always need to add testosterone to a Tren cycle since this steroid does suppress your body’s ability to produce it naturally. Any form of testosterone will do as long as it is dosed and administered properly. If you choose to use an oral steroid as a stack, consider adding a herb called milk thistle, which helps to counteract the hepatotoxicity of these compounds. Some athletes and bodybuilders choose to take HGH or hCG along with their cycles, too.

More Advanced Trenbolone Cycle for Cutting

If you have already experienced the power of a Trenbolone cycle and you want to up the ante for some seriously amazing results, advanced Tren cycles are phenomenal ways to do just that. These cycles often combine multiple products used in an overlapping fashion to provide synergy and unsurpassed benefits.

For example, you might opt to use the following cycle to maintain muscle mass while burning away subcutaneous fat:

WeeksDeca DurabolinTestosteroneTrenboloneHGH

As you can see, this Trenbolone cycle involves not only a testosterone base, but also the addition of Deca Durabolin and HGH. These compounds will help you not only shed unwanted fat, but also harden and define existing muscle for an incredibly ripped Physique.

Post-Cycle Therapy

Though Trenbolone does not aromatize, it does suppress your body’s ability to make its own testosterone. That’s why it is so very important to supplement with testosterone during your cycle. However, once your Trenbolone cycle ends, your testosterone production will not restart on its own. It is up to you to use a product called a SERM to trigger testosterone production and prevent negative Tren side effects. Clomid at 150mg or Nolvadex at 40mg is a great starting place; take it for two weeks, cut the dose in half, and take it for another two weeks. If necessary, you can stay at or half the dose yet again and continue for a fifth and/or sixth week, though this is not always required.

If you choose to buy HGH to add to your Trenbolone cycles, you should also continue it through your PCT, ensuring that you get at least 12 weeks of consecutive use at the bare minimum. At doses of just 2IU per day, it’s possible to use HGH indefinitely to reap the benefits of improved strength, muscle tone, and youthfulness. What’s more, HGH will also help you maintain the results of your Trenbolone cycle indefinitely.

Overall, Trenbolone is one of the most powerful and thereby most popular anabolic steroids available for use today. It pairs well with other bulking and cutting options and is generally well-tolerated when it is used as directed. It produces fantastic results in all forms of Trenbolone cycles, whether bulking or cutting, that are difficult to duplicate in any other manner.