Trenbolone is a very powerful injectable steroid commonly used by vets to increase muscle growth and appetite in livestock. However, it is frequently used by bodybuilders due to its effects on body mass and how it can aid in fat burning in addition to dramatic muscle growth. It is used in an unrefined form as an ester (think time release), usually either as Trenbolone Acetate (Tren A) which is shorter acting, or Trenbolone Enanthate (Tren E) which is longer acting. Anyone looking to buy Trenbolone online should know about the benefits.

Typical Use

Because Trenbolone is such a powerful steroid with the potential for significant side effects, it should only be used by bodybuilders and athletes who have previous experience with anabolic steroids. Although there is an oral form, the injectable suspension is far more common, and it is usually stacked with an injectable form of testosterone, as well.  Beginners should start with a Trenbolone acetate cycle as it has a very short half-life and exits the body quickly once the last dose has been used. This means that if you experience Tren side effects, they will dissipate quickly if you stop using Trenbolone or lower your dose. With the longer-acting form of Trenbolone, this is not the case. Side effects may continue for several days after your last dose.

Common dosages vary based on your experience and your goals. Below, you’ll discover minimum and maximum weekly doses for both bulking and cutting cycles based on your experience with Trenbolone. These charts will serve as a reference point and help you realize the best possible Trenbolone benefits without the same risk of side effects. Remember that not all men can tolerate doses toward the high end of the scale, so for 90% of men, doses will fall somewhere between the minimum and maximum.

ExperienceMin Cutting DoseMax Cutting DoseMin Bulking DoseMax Bulking Dose

*Though athletes and bodybuilders who are experienced with Trenbolone will often use up to 1000mg per week, there is evidence to suggest that there are no further Tren benefits after 800mg, and the risk of side effects increases substantially at doses beyond 600mg. Take this into consideration when planning your cycle, even if you have previous experience.

Trenbolone Benefits

The many benefits of Tren draw men of all experience levels. It serves a purpose in different types of cycles, whether men want to add muscle mass, maintain muscle while burning fat, or even improve their performance through speed, power, and strength boosts. However, it is most commonly used during cutting cycles because its ability to add bulk is limited unless stacked with other anabolic steroids.

Aside from this, Trenbolone benefits include:

  • Fat-burning properties. Trenbolone is known for speeding the metabolism significantly, which allows you to burn more fat with every workout.
  • Non-aromatizing formula. Unlike many other anabolic steroids, Trenbolone will not aromatize, which means there is less concern over Tren side effects like bloating, low libido, and even gynecomastia. However, when stacking Tren with other compounds – including testosterone – aromatization once again becomes a concern.
  • Dry, lean gains. While Trenbolone benefits related to muscle gains are limited, the gains men do experience are lean, solid, and easily maintained. Tren also assists in defining and “filling out” existing muscle tissue, providing a ripped appearance.
  • Simple dosing. Trenbolone is quite easy to dose and use, particularly in its Trenbolone enanthate form. Many athletes can get by with just one injection per week and still reap the many Tren benefits.
  • Assists in shedding water weight when paired with “wet” steroids. Men who choose Trenbolone for bulking cycles will often kickstart those cycles with a four- to six-week course of Dianabol, which can cause significant bloating. By pairing it with Tren and continuing the Tren for another six to eight weeks after stopping Dianabol, it is easier to manage that water weight gain.
  • More red blood cells. One of the most coveted Trenbolone benefits is its ability to assist in the production of red blood cells, which helps athletes in several ways. First and foremost, these red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen to the various tissues in your body, including not only your muscles, but also your organs. This boosts stamina and helps you feel stronger at the same time. More red blood cells also means more nutrition for your muscles and faster protein synthesis, too.

Maintaining Trenbolone Benefits Post-Cycle

Trenbolone BenefitsNow that you understand the numerous benefits of Tren, it’s important to understand how to maintain those benefits and results even after your cycle has ended. All anabolic steroids, including Trenbolone, throw off your body’s natural hormone balance. After your Tren cycle, this can wreak havoc on your body and counteract any Tren benefits you achieved. Post-cycle therapy is important for maintaining gains and preventing muscle loss because it helps to kickstart testosterone production and limit estrogenic activity at the same time. Taking a SERM like Clomid or Nolvadex in a tapering dose for four to six weeks can balance your hormones and help you maintain your results.

Many bodybuilders and athletes find that Trenbolone benefits are amplified when they use HGH during and after their cycles, too. HGH is yet another powerful compound that can facilitate cellular regeneration, helping you feel more powerful and look younger all at the same time. If you used HGH on-cycle, continue it through your PCT, as well. You will need to take HGH for a minimum of three months to see noticeable effects, and common doses range from 1IU to 4IU each day, depending on your goals and your tolerance.

Trenbolone benefits are incredible whether you are interested in improving your performance on the field, maintaining muscle while you burn fat, or even gaining a few pounds of lean, well-defined muscle. Before you buy Trenbolone online, make sure you weigh the benefits of Tren against the risks, plan your PCT, and commit to lifestyle changes that will help you realize your goals.