7 Reasons to Choose a Tbol Only Cycle

Tbol Cycle

Tbol, or Turinabol, is a very powerful bulking steroid and one that many men prefer, particularly when they find alternatives like Dianabol to be too harsh. There are plenty of reasons why so many athletes and bodybuilders continue to fall back to a Tbol only cycle when they want to gain mass. Here are seven of them.

#1 – High Quality Gains

When given a choice between Dianabol and a Tbol only cycle, there are many men who would choose Dianabol at first due to the rapid, significant gains. However, much of the gains made on Dianabol seem to go away once the cycle ends, especially since a lot of the weight is only water. The steroid will give you slower gains, but they’re much higher quality, and they’re often permanent once the cycle ends. Keep in mind that if you want to maintain your gains after a Tbol only cycle, it’s vital that you think about post-cycle therapy. Just like most other anabolic steroids, can have a negative effect on your body’s ability to produce testosterone. Following your cycle, your body will no longer produce its own testosterone. Unfortunately, one of the major symptoms of low testosterone is a decrease in muscle mass and volume, which can undo all your effort. To keep your gains, it’s important for you to kick-start your body’s testosterone production as soon as possible after your cycle with a drug called a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator, or SERM. Two great examples are Nolvadex and Clomid, and both are relatively easy to find. These drugs stimulate the production of luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone, which are directly responsible to produce testosterone. The chart below shows the proper use and dosage, but remember to use one or the other – never both at the same time.

WeeksDaily Clomid DoseDaily Nolvadex Dose

*For many people, weeks five and six are not necessary when it comes to PCT. These are simply in place as a precaution. After week four, judge how you feel. If you feel fatigued or “off” in any way, continue your PCT for another two weeks just to be safe.

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#2 – Low Incidence of Harsh Side Effects

All steroids come with some side effects, but when it comes to a Tbol only cycle, they’re easy to mitigate. Bear in mind that the supplements below, except for staying hydrated, are merely recommendations. They can help you maintain your health, but if you use your Tbol only cycle according to guidelines, you should have no need for concern.

  • Milk thistle is an extra layer of protection for your liver. Although keeping cycle lengths short and dosages low is the best way to protect your liver, milk thistle acts much like a buffer.
  • Hawthorn berry and/or celery seed extract can help keep your blood pressure down. However, unless you’re already prone to high blood pressure, this may not be an issue for you.
  • Taurine is an amino acid that serves as a building block for all of the others. It supplies you with energy through your workouts, and because it’s been clinically shown to add volume to muscle cells, it offers insane pumps.
  • Krill oil is a great source of omega-3s, which counteract oxidative damage and help with post-workout recovery. Some studies also show that krill oil can help to regulate thyroid function, which supports fat loss and gives you more defined muscles.
  • Plenty of water and even sports drinks with electrolytes can help flush impurities out of your system, which is a good idea anyway, but particularly important when taking oral steroids.
  • SERMs like Clomid and Nolvadex post-cycle can help you retain your gains if you use them according to directions after a cycle.

The best part is that Tbol won’t aromatize, especially if it’s pure, so you won’t have to worry about things like serious bloating and gynecomastia.

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#3 – Also Suitable for Cutting

It is a very versatile steroid. Although there’s no doubt it’s more popular in bulking cycles, it can be used for cutting, as well. For example, men who use a Tbol only cycle for bulking typically take up to 80mg per day, but those who use it to burn fat and retain muscle take up to 40mg per day. Post-cycle therapy is recommended after a cutting cycle, as well, though it does not need to be quite as extensive. A four-week PCT cycle with Clomid or Nolvadex is sufficient after a Tbol only cycle.

#4 – Less Expense

Tbol CycleYou’ve probably heard that you should never use an anabolic steroid without stacking it with testosterone, but the truth is that Tbol is a rare exception. Because this steroid closely mimics the action of testosterone, and because cycle lengths are relatively short, most men never experience symptoms due to too little testosterone in their bodies. As mentioned, this steroid doesn’t aromatize, either, which means you can save money on AI supplements – and these get expensive. You may choose to stock up on some other supplements, including milk thistle and a SERM, but these are relatively affordable.

#5 – Easier to Find

Oftentimes, locating everything you need for a steroid cycle can be quite a challenge. Not only do you need to find the steroid itself, but you’ll also need enough testosterone and an AI to get you through the whole cycle. When you choose to run a Tbol only cycle, you don’t need to find other compounds. All you need is the Tbol to get you through your cycle. Because it’s so popular, and because it is legal in so many countries, Tbol is also easier to come across than many of its counterparts. While it’s more expensive than Dianabol, it’s cheaper than Anavar. Many like to think it offers a good compromise between the two.

#6 – No Needles Required

Tbol Only Cycle
The vast majority of steroids on the market today require injection in order to be effective. Some are daily injections, but others are every other day or even three times per week.  Many people don’t really mind the injections, but there are plenty of people who have an aversion to needles and who would rather take their performance enhancers orally. With a Tbol only cycle, there are no injections necessary. Just keep in mind that a Tbol only cycle can be hard on your liver if you use it at high doses or for long periods of time, so use it per recommendations and consider taking milk thistle along with it.

#7 – It Offers Impressive Results

It’s true that Tbol won’t offer you the same impressive gains as Dianabol, but even so, there are benefits to this. When you take Dianabol, much of your gains are water, which means they’ll fade away at the end of your cycle. With Tbol, on the other hand, your gains are slower, but they’re more permanent. With the right PCT, which usually consists of at least four weeks of Nolvadex or Clomid, you can keep your gains even after your cycle ends, and you won’t experience negative side effects in the process. There are many reasons why it’s a great idea to choose a Tbol only cycle. It’s affordable, easy to find, and foolproof when it comes to dosing. This steroid is also incredibly versatile, which means it can be used for cutting or bulking depending on your dose. Finally, it’s quite mild, which means you won’t have to worry about harsh side effects like gynecomastia or serious bloating, but it still offers some amazing high-quality results.