What Is Sustanon?

What Is Sustanon?

What is Sustanon, and why are so many people turning to it for performance enhancement? Simply put, it’s a blend of four different testosterone esters that work together in harmony to provide incredible benefits. Here’s what you need to know about Sustanon, including the dosage, cycles, and side effects.

Why Do People Use Sustanon?

In answering the question “What is Sustanon?” it is important to first understand why it is so popular among athletes, bodybuilders, and men who want to look and feel better physically. First and foremost, it’s one of the preferred therapies for men dealing with the effects of low testosterone because it requires infrequent dosing. Second, it offers substantial increases in strength and stamina, which is important for athletes who want to push their performance to the next level. Finally, when used carefully alongside anabolic steroids, it can serve as a catalyst for impressive lean muscle gains.

The Four Testosterone Esters

An “ester” is a molecular structure that influences the mechanism and half-life of a certain compound. So, what is Sustanon? It is a blend of four testosterone esters that each has its own unique benefits, but when combined, they offer a very long half-life that reduces the number of required doses while still maintaining Sustanon’s potency. The four esters contained in Sustanon are:

  • Phenylpropionate
  • Isocaproate
  • Propionate
  • Decanoate

What’s the Best Sustanon Dosage?

What is Sustanon 250Because three of the four forms of testosterone found in testosterone Sustanon are long-acting, doses are typically measured by the week rather than by the day. Some men will see results with a dose as low as 250mg per week, but it is safe to use a dose as high as 1000mg per week

Doses higher than 1000mg per week will provide no further benefit, but may significantly increase the risk of adverse side effects. Of course, some men prefer daily dosing regardless of the long esters so they can reap the benefits of the shorter-acting testosterone propionate, which is preferred among many athletes and bodybuilders over all other forms. Even men using Sustanon for hormone replacement find that the energy boost from a small daily dose is more beneficial than a weekly one. A sample daily dosing cycle would look something like this:

GoalsAverage Weekly DoseDaily Dose
Hormone Replacement
On-Cycle Testosterone Base
Advanced Mass Building

Bear in mind that you can divide these doses in any way you would like as long as you do not exceed the recommended maximum doses and you are using enough Sustanon to reach your goals. It can be difficult to measure such small doses appropriately, so be sure you have the right graduated syringes on hand.

Men using a lower Sustanon dose for treating the symptoms of low testosterone may use the supplement indefinitely to help ward off side effects like mood changes, gynecomastia, low libido, and even testicular atrophy. Men using higher doses for performance enhancement purposes should limit their cycles to no more than 12 weeks in order to protect their health.

Benefits of a Sustanon Only Cycle

What Is Sustanon?After learning the answer to the pressing question, “What is Sustanon?” men often ask whether it would benefit them to use a Sustanon-only cycle. The answer truly depends on the individual’s needs and experience with exogenous testosterone and anabolic steroids.

Someone who has never used testosterone before may find that even moderate doses of Sustanon 250, when paired with an excellent diet and workout plan, can provide some lean gains that are easily maintained after the cycle ends with proper post-cycle therapy. On the other hand, men who have used steroids in the past may find that a cycle consisting only of Sustanon will not provide much in the way of gains, but may enhance their performance.

Understanding Sustanon Side Effects

For many men, Sustanon testosterone is a means for avoiding the side effects of conditions like low testosterone, or to help supply the body with testosterone while using an anabolic steroid. Like any other exogenous compound, there is a risk for side effects, especially when Sustanon is used at very high doses over extended periods of time. These side effects may be estrogenic or androgenic in nature.

Some of the estrogenic side effects include things like water retention, mood swings, loss of libido, and gynecomastia. These can be mitigated with aromatase inhibitors, which prevent testosterone from converting to estrogen in your body. Androgenic side effects may include excessive body hair growth, worsening male pattern baldness, mood issues, and prostate enlargement. The only way to mitigate these side effects is with careful dosage and responsible cycle lengths.

What to Stack with Sustanon?

Although some men do notice outstanding results when using Sustanon alone, many prefer to stack it with an anabolic steroid to create a synergistic effect. Deca Durabolin is a very popular choice as it can lead to significant and rapid gains. Trenbolone is also popular, and while it won’t produce the same rapid gains as Deca Durabolin, the gains are higher quality and will not fade away during cutting steroids cycle.

In fact, Sustanon can be stacked with nearly any anabolic steroid for amazing results. It’s a common substitute for testosterone propionate or testosterone enanthate for on-cycle testosterone replacement, though it is a bit more expensive and, in some places, harder to find. What is Sustanon 250? It’s a fantastic all-around testosterone product that you can add to your testosterone cycles to help improve your results.

Don’t Forget your Anti-Estrogens

Anti-estrogen compounds, also known as AIs or aromatase inhibitors, block the action of an enzyme known as aromatase that converts free testosterone to estrogen. Without an AI during your cycle, there’s a good chance that you may develop some estrogenic side effects like bloat, mood swings, and even gynecomastia, with the latter of these being irreversible in some situations. Letrozole, Aromasin, and Arimidex are all good options, but Arimidex is easy to find and is the mildest option of the three. Letrozole is usually reserved only for occassions when signs of gyno become present.

What Is Sustanon PCT Like?

If you will use Sustanon for more than just a few days at a time (and most people do), then you will need to plan and execute post-cycle therapy after your cycle ends. When introducing testosterone into your body exogenously, your body will stop making its own testosterone because there’s simply no need for it to do so. When your cycle ends, though, your body can’t simply jump back into gear on its own. It’ll need some help, and that’s why PCT is so vital. Using a product like Clomid or Nolvadex will help you start producing testosterone again, and it will ward off any potential estrogenic effects that may appear post-cycle as a result.

What is Sustanon? It’s a powerful blend of testosterone esters that can boost your energy, improve your libido, and even help you pack on lean muscle mass when used responsibly. When you buy Sustanon, you can rest assured that you’ll look better, feel stronger, and perform even better.