A Guide to Getting Optimal Dianabol Results

Dbol Results

One of the most popular and powerful steroids available to athletes and bodybuilders, and it is relatively easy to find. However, getting the best Dianabol results is not as simple as taking a pill each day. It takes knowledge, persistence and dedication to get the results you want to achieve.

Creating a Stack

While quite powerful in its own right, it works best when stacked with other compounds at the front end of a cycle. As with nearly any steroid out there, testosterone makes an amazing base and helps optimize your results. Because it is so fast-acting, short testosterone esters such as enanthate or cypionate are the best choices. If you are experienced with using steroids for performance enhancement, you might also try stacking with Anavar or perhaps even Trenbolone for even more effectiveness. These offer more power and effect than testosterone alone, but they should be approached and used with caution – especially among beginners – to achieve professional Dianabol results.

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Proper Dosage for the Best Results

One of the most important ways to enhance your results without fear of unwanted side effects involves using a responsible dose that is based on your performance goals. It is almost always used exclusively for cutting, though some advanced users report that using it at a lower dose at the front end of a cycle with Trenbolone or even Anavar can boost strength tremendously. The chart below shows the proper range of doses for beginners, intermediate users, and more advanced users, allowing them to make better and more informed decisions realizing the best results. Bear in mind that it’s always a good idea to start with the minimum dose and work up to the maximum over the course of a 10 to 14 days.

Experience LevelStarting Daily DoseEnding Daily Dose

Though the starting doses may seem on the low side, different men react in different ways. Even if you’ve tolerated 50mg a day for six weeks in the past, this can change. Slowly increasing your dose can help you avoid unwanted and sometimes potentially dangerous side effects.

Proper Cycling

If you want to get amazing results without all the harsh side effects, you will need to remember to use aromatase inhibitors, or AIs, during your cycle. These ward off estrogenic side effects like water retention and gynecomastia by blocking the action of the aromatase enzyme, which converts extra testosterone or anabolic steroids directly into estrogen.

As an example, you may choose to use the following:

Weeks 1 – 6: 500mg per week testosterone cypionate, 50mg per day Dianabol, and 0.5mg per day Arimidex.

Weeks 7 – 12: 500mg per week testosterone cypionate and 0.5mg per day Arimidex.

As you can see, it only comes in for the first six weeks while the testosterone has a chance to build up in your body. This kick-starts your gains from the start, and you could add as much as 30 pounds during this cycle. Another important consideration when it comes to using cycles to achieve the best results involves choosing the right cycle length based on your dose. For example, if you’re an advanced user and you want to take 50mg per day, you should limit your cycle to six weeks. Conversely, if you want to use a dose of only 10mg per day, you can use it for up to 12 weeks, instead. Beginners may want to shorten their cycles even more just to be on the safe side, and everyone should take breaks between cycles at least equal to the cycle lengths themselves.

Better Dianabol Results with Diet and Exercise

shadow muscle barbell liftOf course, diet and exercise also play key roles in terms of goodresults, so you will need to plan accordingly. Because it can cause significant water retention, you should make sure that you choose a diet with an acceptable sodium level. What’s more, you will need more calories than normal. A good rule of thumb involves consuming 500 calories per day over your maintenance diet at first, making adjustments as you go. Some athletes only need an extra 100 calories during a bulking cycle; others may need 700 additional calories or more per day.

As far as exercise is concerned, you should stick to weightlifting and resistance training – activities that build significant muscle tissue, but do not burn excessive calories. Ideally, you want the calories you consume to go into the anabolic process of muscle building. Should you burn excessive calories with cardio or aerobics, that’s less energy that can go toward building mass. For the best Dianabol results, avoid cardio and aerobics during your cycle altogether, then pick it up again post-cycle after you have finished your PCT.

Timing Your Daily Dose

One of the things that athletes and bodybuilders truly appreciate about the steroid is its fast-acting nature. The compound starts working 30 to 45 minutes after ingestion, and it provides a noticeable boost in energy for about two hours. If you want the best possible Dianabol results, take your daily dose half an hour before your workout for the day. This way, by the time you get ready to put your muscles to the test, the steroid has had time to enter your bloodstream and create a highly anabolic environment that is perfect for making your workouts count.

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Keeping Your Dianabol Results Post-Cycle

Finally, when it comes to achieving and maintaining Dianabol results, the importance of PCT cannot be stressed enough. gains can be significant, but if you fail to participate in adequate PCT, you may only keep a quarter of those gains. What’s more, because it suppresses natural testosterone production, failing to plan and execute PCT can lead to a host of estrogenic side effects as well as side effects stemming from low testosterone.

shadow muscle silohetPCT at its very simplest involves using a SERM like Clomid or Nolvadex for four to six weeks, depending on your personal response. If you choose Nolvadex, you will take 40mg a day for two weeks, 20mg a day for another two weeks, and then 10mg a day for yet another two weeks if you feel the need. With Clomid, you will need 150mg for two weeks, then 100mg for two weeks, and finally (and optionally), another 50mg for another two weeks. If you take a look at Arnold Schwarzenegger from his Mr. Olympia days, you can see the amazing Dianabol results firsthand. With the right stack, supplements, diet, and exercise, it is possible to achieve the muscle mass you want without all of the side effects. Just don’t skimp when it comes to PCT.