Pituitary Growth Hormone

Pituitary growth hormone, also known as human growth hormone, or HGH, occurs naturally in the pituitary gland, which is part of the human body’s endocrine system. The gland is about the size of a pea, weighs less than an ounce, and is located next to the hypothalamus at the base of the brain. The gland secretes nine different hormones, including the pituitary growth hormone. Together they regulate homeostasis, which enables conditions inside the human body to remain stable even when the environment changes.

Stimulates Cell Growth and Regeneration

Pituitary growth hormones like somatropin are peptide hormones that affect growth in humans by stimulating cell growth and regeneration. Consumers can buy human growth hormone online at a reasonable price, and without enduring painful injections. Along with encouraging growth and regeneration of human cells, HGH helps older people with diminishing hormone production appear younger by reversing some of the signs of aging. The product also enhances muscle development and enables athletes to function at a higher level. People who buy HGH online can experience an improved quality of life in just a few months or less.

Advantages of PGH over HGH

You do not have to be a professional athlete to experience the advantages of PGH. Anyone can buy human growth hormone online and enjoy the many benefits. PGH enhances protein synthesis in the human body, which results in better Muscle Growth, and it has a positive effect on blood glucose, resulting in quicker and stronger recovery from muscle and tissue injuries. The hormone also improves fat oxidation, encouraging increased loss of body fat, and boosts mineral absorption, which increases bone density and improves carbohydrate synthesis. This in turn enables users to endure more strenuous Exercise routines. Sold in tablet form, consumers can take 2 tablets each day for 30 days.

Look and Feel Younger with PGH

The special formulation of PGH improves strength and vitality. Consumers can rediscover the boundless energy they had in their youth. When you buy human growth hormone online, you can find it in a fast-acting and highly absorbable oral concentration. PGH can reconstruct and rebuild old dying cells in the body, resulting in faster healing for injured muscles. It also promotes growth in healthy muscles, and helps users maintain strong bodies. The more defined muscles and increased energy levels help those who use PGH look and feel younger. It is easy to find and buy human growth hormone online and have it conveniently delivered to your home so that you can experience the transformation.

Improve Overall Health through Increased Energy Levels

Researchers and doctors have clinically proven that PGH duplicates the natural growth hormone activity in the human body. This gives the user an extraordinarily higher rate of metabolism, enhanced muscle growth, quicker healing of Injuries and a greater ability to handle heavy exercise. When you growth-buy HGH online, you will be surprised at how quickly you begin to look and feel better. The increased energy and ability to exercise more, which results from using PGH as directed, improves the overall health of the body. Combined with a healthy diet, PGH make you look and feel more vibrant than you have in years.

Many other Physical and Mental Improvements

There are a range of other physical and mental improvements experienced by consumers who buy human growth hormone online. Users have reported better levels of mental concentration, improved Memory and greater mental clarity. Improved Protein synthesis caused by using PGH makes muscles leaner and more defined. The hormone results in faster oxidation of abdominal fat, which speeds weight loss, and it also results in improved mineral absorption in the body, which produces greater muscle and bone density. Another positive aspect of PGH use is increased libido and better sexual performance.

Medical Studies Confirm HGH Benefits

A variety of medical studies conducted into the results of HGH use have verified that the hormone quickly enhances muscle growth and helps athletes and others who exercise frequently recover from intense Training sessions. HGH has an amazing effect on the body by greatly speeding up its ability to burn and lose fat. Those who buy human growth hormone online will begin to notice a difference, both physically and mentally, almost immediately. After the first month, the effects will multiply, and muscle strength along with fat loss will increase significantly. Individuals looking to buy HGH online can look for names like T3, Cytomel, Growth Hormone and Pituitary Hormone.

Pituitary Growth Hormone Dosage

Dosage of pituitary growth hormone will vary based on your goals and gender. Like many other hormone products, women need far less to reap the same benefits. The chart below shows average doses for men and women based on their goals. Bear in mind that these are just averages and you may need more or less to get the results you want. Men should never use more than 10IU daily and women should never use more than 2IU daily unless under the care of a physician.

GoalDaily Dose (Women)Daily Dose (Men)
Strength and Stamina
0.75IU-1.5 IU
Muscle Gains
*Medical Treatment

*There is evidence showing that pituitary growth hormone can speed Recovery in some settings, particularly in the case of a severe injury or major burn. In these cases, the pituitary growth hormone cycle is very short and it is administered under the watchful eye of hospital staff. Never use it at this dose otherwise; the risk of pituitary growth hormone side effects is far too great.

Using PGH Safely

Although pituitary growth hormone occurs naturally within the human body, exogenous PGH can cause problems if it is not used responsibly. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your cycles.

  • Never use more than recommended. By far, the best way to prevent side effects associated with the use of pituitary growth hormone is to use it exactly as directed. Never exceed maximum doses as this greatly increases the risk of side effect.
  • Understand the side effects. PGH can cause side effects that range from swelling and muscle or joint pain to acromegaly, which is a condition that causes abnormal growth of organs and extremities. Be very watchful and stop using pituitary growth hormone if these conditions develop.
  • Consider your cycle length. While most people do agree that PGH takes some time to build up in your body, it’s important to consider the length of your cycle. You should use it for at least eight to 12 weeks to see results, but if you’re using a high dose, you may want to stop at the 12-week mark. Again, you need to gauge your body and your personal response.
  • Learn how to use PGH for PCT. If you’re thinking of using pituitary growth hormone as part of your PCT, bear in mind that this is only truly effective if you use it on-cycle, too. For example, you might choose to use 2IU daily during your steroid cycle and then continue it through your PCT. Starting it after your cycle is not as effective.

Read Pituitary Growth Hormone Reviews

Pituitary Growth HormonePituitary growth hormone is available in both pills and injections, so it’s important to understand what you’re buying. As always, the injectable form of PGH provides more bioavailability, making it most bodybuilders’ favorite. You can buy pituitary growth hormone or products designed to boost it naturally, too, so be sure you understand the difference and order the right product. Finally, there are several companies that manufacture PGH and HGH, so read plenty of pituitary growth hormone reviews to learn more about quality and pricing.

Consumers who buy human growth hormone online, including HGH, report that the product takes about 6 weeks for noticeable improvements to begin to show. The hormone enables fat cells to be used more effectively for energy. Athletes tend to use this specially-formulated hormone for up to four months for best results. Results like fat loss, increased metabolism and more powerful muscles are amazing by the two-month mark, according to users of HGH.