Chris Tucci – Personal Trainer

Hear and Feel the Thunder when you Train with Chris Tucci Why did you decide to become a personal trainer? In 2007, I was a Freshman in college playing D1 tennis in the Bronx. One day, while I was practicing serves and doing some conditioning at the park, a much older man asked if I […]

Jess Mather – Personal Trainer

Transform Your Mind, Body and Soul with Jess Mather Why did you decide to become a personal trainer? In 2009, I was getting physical therapy on my shoulder from Dallas Hartwig, now the founder of the popular Whole30 paleo diet. Dallas also happened to be a Crossfit instructor, and he taught me how to do […]

Darlene Adamusik – Personal Trainer

Strive for Progression with Darlene Adamusik What inspired you to become a personal trainer? I actually originally wanted to be an orthodontist. However, I’ve always really been into sports and exercising. In high school I did track and field, gymnastics, played soccer, and wrestled (112lb weight class). Later on during college I did indoor and […]

Alejandro Terrazas – Personal Trainer

Overcome Your Training Struggles with Alejandro Terrazas Why did you decide to become a personal trainer? As a person who came from South America (Bolivia to be more specific), staying active was something normal back home. I remember playing all types of sports with friends, hiking and many more activities but the most important thing […]

Sebastian Grubb – Personal Trainer

Change Up Your Training Style with Sebastian Grubb What inspired you to become a personal trainer? I love movement and teaching others to move well. I was inspired as a young adult by seeing athletes and dancers do incredible things that I wanted to emulate. So I started training seriously and soon enough had the […]

Ashley Yandle – Personal Trainer

Surpass Your Health and Fitness Goals with Ashley Yandle What do you love about being a personal fitness trainer? I love that I get to help people achieve goals they never thought they would be able to. There is nothing better than doing a progress check and seeing that smile on your client’s face when […]

Mikhael Ricks – Personal Trainer

Get in Shape with Former NFL Receiver Mikhael Ricks Why did you decide to become a personal trainer? After playing professional football for 7 years I decided to commit to something that was going to help my body feel better and help my overall longevity. I decided to become a Sports Performance Coach who specializes […]

Nicky Perry – Personal Trainer – A.C.E

Sculpt Your Dream Body with Fitness Competitor Nicky Perry What inspired you to become a personal trainer? I struggled with my weight throughout my childhood and teens despite being very athletic. I tried every single diet fad and did tons of cardio but nothing seemed to work. Once I educated myself on the science behind fitness and […]

Bryan Mistretta – Personal Trainer

Can You Do More Pullups than Bryan Mistretta? Why did you decide to become a personal trainer? I was a competitive athlete my entire life and I went on to play collegiate rugby and graduate with a business management degree. I wanted to find a way to combine both of those together and do something […]

Taylor Bosco – Personal Trainer

Push Your Body to the Limit and Beyond with Taylor Bosco What inspired you to become a personal trainer? I’ve always been drawn to the idea of creating a physical challenge for yourself and then overcoming it. I’ve also suffered from chronic depression and anxiety, so I studied/used fitness and nutrition to rise above this […]

Angelique Millis – Personal Trainer

Change Your Lifestyle for the Better with Angelique Millis Why did you become a personal fitness trainer? My interest in health and fitness began in college when I was trying to reverse some bad lifestyle habits that I had gotten into. Just like all students, I knew exactly how to study under pressure, party like a […]

Christine Hazelton – ACSM

Discover the Fountain of Youth and Wisdom by Training with Christine Hazelton I realized at a very young age that movement was my medicine. Nothing made me feel more alive than physical activity.  I felt the most free when I was running, jumping, riding my bike or climbing something. But, ultimately, the real catalyst for my becoming a trainer was witnessing some […]

Hayden-William Courtland – PhD

Understand the Science Behind Fitness with Hayden-William Courtland, PhD What inspired you to become a personal trainer? It began with my wanting to get stronger and have better cardiovascular fitness so that life activities (e.g., moving, playing soccer, etc.) would be easier. I did a lot of research (beyond what I had done for my […]

Meghan Aro – Personal Trainer – A.C.E

Improve Your Performance and Functionality with Meghan Aro Why did you become an ACE certified personal trainer? I went to college for interior architecture and design. Throughout school I taught fitness classes at our college gym. After I graduated I accepted my first office job with an architecture firm in Houston and still taught group […]