5 Goblet Squat Benefits and Why You Should Do Them

Goblet squats are an excellent leg exercise that have been gaining popularity in recent years. You may have seen this movement being done in your local gym and wondered if it’s something you should add to your routine. Below are five goblet squat benefits and why yes, you should be doing them. Goblet Squats are […]

Is the DB Pullover a Chest or Back Exercise?

The DB pullover is an old school exercise you don’t often see anymore. Once a popular staple of bodybuilding programs, many credited a good portion of their aesthetics (including their v-taper) to the DB pullover. However, some say it’s a chest exercise while others say it’s for the back. Which is it? Before we begin, […]

The Benefits of Lunges Might Surprise You

Though they’re not necessarily uncommon, you might be surprised at all the benefits of lunges. An excellent addition to any lower body workout, they’re great for bodybuilders who want to improve muscle quality and they’re great for sports players who want to focus on working one leg at a time to improve athleticism. Read on […]

Why You Should Include Dumbbell Flies In Your Chest Routine

Pretty much every lifter does some sort of bench pressing in their chest routine. This is really no surprise as compound movements like the bench press are such good strength and muscle builders. However, you also often see lifters doing dumbbell flies. Have you ever wondered why? Below is a list of three reasons why […]

How to Get Huge Calves

Dumbbell calf raises are one of the most old school exercises in the book. This is because while gym equipment for calves isn’t exactly rare, it’s also not something you find in every facility, either. If you’re interested in how to get huge calves, but are concerned because your gym doesn’t have a lot of […]

5 Tips When Doing Drop Pushups

If you’re looking to develop explosive power throughout the shoulders, chest, and upper body as a whole, then drop pushups are an excellent choice. Below are five tips you can use to ensure you’re not only doing drop pushups properly, but to give you guidance on how to integrate them into your program. Don’t Let […]

What Muscles Does a Decline Press Work?

The decline press isn’t as popular as its flat or incline bench counterparts, but is still a very effective exercise. Proficient at working the lower chest, it’s also a great strength builder, as it generally has a shorter range of motion and allows you to use more weight. Some lifters also prefer the decline press […]

How to Perform Close Grip Push Ups the Right Way

When it comes to triceps exercises, the narrow grip bench press is often considered king of the compound mass builders. Its calisthenics counterpart, close grip push ups, deserves to be regarded just as highly. Close grip push ups are usually more often found in bodyweight-only or bootcamp-style programs, but they could definitely be in your […]

What Muscles Do Chins Ups Work?

If someone asked you, “What muscles do chin ups work?”, could you give them the correct answer? Chances are you wouldn’t, and you don’t even realize it. This isn’t a bad thing, as it’s a common mistake most lifters get wrong. Read on below to learn the true answer. What Muscles Do Chin Ups Work? […]

How to Perform a Single Leg Split Squat

Whether you’re a bodybuilder, competitive athlete, or even just an everyday gym goer, some sort of unilateral movement should be done in your lower body workouts. One of the best options for this is the single leg split squat. Below you’ll find a brief overview on how to perform the exercise, as well as where […]

3 Box Squat Benefits for Athletes

Pretty much everyone knows that athletes need strong hips, glutes, and lower bodies as a whole if they want to maximize performance. However, traditional squats are now often being replaced by box squats in athletic weight training programs. Below is a list of three box squat benefits, showing why they should take precedence. Do Box […]

How to Do Bosu Ball Push Ups

<span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span> Bosu ball push ups might not be considered a hardcore or mass building exercise, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be effective. Push ups on a bosu ball help build stability throughout the upper body and torso, and can even be used when rehabbing […]

How to Get the Most from Front Lunges

Front lunges might seem like a fairly straight forward exercise, but there are a few key pointers that can turn it from a great movement to a potential injury risk. Below are a few tips on not only staying safe, but maximizing movement execution. Why You Should “Practice” Front Lunges in the Beginning A lack […]

Bent Over Row: Muscles Worked

Saying that the bent over row is an excellent back builder would be an understatement. However, the question is when you do the movement, which bent over row muscles worked? After all, it can be a great movement for building wider lats as well as thicker rhomboids. The answer to the question isn’t as much […]