Anavar for Men

Anavar For Men – Why Is It A Good Choice?

A favourite among men and women for many different reasons. Though it won’t provide you with a crazy amount of bulk, there’s plenty that Anavar for men can do to help you meet your goals. 

Here, you’ll learn why so many people turn to it, and you’ll discover whether it’s the right option for your unique goals. 

Reasons For Men To Use Anavar

One of the absolute best anabolic steroids on the market today for many reasons. It’s also one of the most well-tolerated, which makes it incredibly popular. and is a good choice when you’re interested in any of the benefits below.

Strength Boosts

The primary benefit of Anavar for men – and the reason why so many men turn to it – is its ability to significantly boost strength. It aids in nitrogen retention, allowing for more efficient muscle contractions, and it also boosts your metabolism to provide more energy to your muscles. You’ll likely find yourself lifting, pushing, and pulling more weight than ever before.

Fat Burning

Facilitates the fat-burning process by boosting the metabolism. When you use it along with the right diet and exercise plan, it’s possible to shed difficult subcutaneous fat and obtain the ripped, shredded look most crave.

No Risk of Estrogen Conversion

Unlike many other anabolic steroids, it does not convert to estrogen in your bloodstream. This means you won’t need expensive or hard-to-find AIs to help ward off side effects like Gynecomastia.

Muscle Preservation

Especially important during cutting cycles as it can help preserve gains obtained while bulking, even when on a calorie-deficient diet and participating in cardio workouts regularly.

Oral Availability

Finally, this compound is a very popular choice among men who do not want to inject their performance enhancers. It’s a great oral option, though you may want to consider using milk thistle to help protect your liver during and for a couple of weeks after your cycle.


Comes in pill form, which means it’s one of the simplest supplements to measure and use. There’s no need for injections, either, so you won’t have to spend extra money on syringes or worry about getting your dosage for men just right. Though it is one of the most expensive steroids.


Widely available online and on the street, and many pharmacies carry it, as well, for those who have a medical need.

Are there Downsides to Anavar for Men?

Though a great supplement for men, there are a few important considerations. it is phenomenal for cutting and endurance Training, but it won’t create major gains. For some men who use it at high doses, slight lean gains are possible, and because these gains are high-quality, they are easier to maintain over time. 

What’s more, it is one of the most expensive anabolic steroids on the open market, and that’s because it’s so well-tolerated. In fact, men and women who have difficulty tolerating any other anabolic steroid often find that it is perfect for their needs.  

Not without Anavar side effects, either. It will suppress your body’s testosterone suppression, so you will need to prepare for that before your cycle by stocking up on a testosterone supplement during your cycle and compounds for PCT. Many people do still use Anavar only cycles, but for men, PCT is always a must.

It may also cause some gastrointestinal upset, oily skin and/or acne, and Mood changes, but these typically get better on their own over time throughout the course of a cycle. men taking anavar

Dosage, Cycling, and PCT

When planning your Anavar cycle, it’s important to make sure you have everything you need on hand before you begin. The correct dose for men is anywhere from 50mg to 100mg per day depending on your tolerance and goals, and you can use this dose for six to eight weeks. 

Many men choose to use Anavar alone, without testosterone, but this puts them at risk for complications due to suppressed testosterone production. It is always a good idea to stack with testosterone, or, at the very least, use a compound like Clomid or Nolvadex for post-cycle therapy. 

This will help you kick-start your natural testosterone production after your cycle and allow you to avoid many of the side effects associated with low testosterone.

GoalsMinimum DoseMaximum Dose

*100mg is a large dosage for men, and it should be reserved only for those who have plenty of experience with anabolic steroids and who have completed a cycle for men in the past. The risk of side effects is exacerbated at this dose, so it is vital to watch for changes in your body.Oxandrolone melting point

Expected Results

The results any one person can expect from Anavar for Men will vary based on unique factors like diet, exercise, metabolism, and personal response. For example, when using to burn fat and maintain existing muscle mass, a diet that is rich in protein and at a slight calorie-deficit is required. What’s more, these athletes should continue with their weight training, but also add in some cardio and aerobics to boost their bodies’ fat-burning potential.

It is important to keep in mind that some men simply respond more favourably. Some men have reported shedding up to 2% of their bodyfat in a single cycle, though this is atypical. Most men lose a few pounds, equal to about 1%. 

However, this is enough to enhance muscle definition and vascularity, which is usually the ultimate goal. In terms of endurance training, some men have added as much as 50 pounds to their bench, and this is average for those who follow the cycle guidelines. Finally, when used for bulking, gains are minimal. At the high end, men may gain 10lbs of high-quality lean muscle mass.

Alternatives to Men taking Anavar

As you can see, the benefits of are numerous, but if you’re looking to add bulk, this is likely not the right choice for you. For adding lean muscle tissue, Dianabol or Turinabol are both solid options. They are quite a bit stronger, as well. 

Dianabol is a great choice for experienced users as it is very powerful, but it will require the use of AIs and careful dosing. Turinabol isn’t quite as effective as Dianabol, but because it doesn’t aromatize, it’s better tolerated among most men. 

What about Women?

A very mild steroid that even women seem to tolerate it well in doses of up to 20mg (though careful dose monitoring is important). In fact, women can even use it for adding significant amounts of muscle mass in a single cycle when paired with a diet and exercise plan that facilitate gains. 

Women can also use it for cutting or for endurance, though their doses are incredibly small when compared to those of their male counterparts, and diet and exercise become even more crucial for meeting those goals. Virilization is possible, even though this is a mild compound, so it is important for women to pay attention to their bodies. 

Anavar for men is beneficial in many ways. It provides incredible strength, helps you shed stubborn subcutaneous fat, and preserves muscle – all without risk of aromatization and without the need for injections. If you’re interested in getting the toned, lean physique you’ve always wanted, then it may be the performance enhancer you need to reach those goals.

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