HGH Benefits

HGH Benefits – Should it be Available to Everyone?

H.G.H, has its place in the medical field and in the athletic industry. Doctors prescribe supplements for a variety of conditions, and athletes and bodybuilders often use it to help them build strength and lean muscle mass. In fact, some people believe that HGH benefits may be equal to the fountain of youth.

HGH Benefits

You might recall that Sly himself was busted a few years back in conjunction with his “illegal” use. Rather than make a huge fuss over it and check himself into rehab, Stallone went to the media to defend it. In fact, he made an appearance on the “Today” show and spoke to host Matt Lauer directly.

He essentially made it clear that grouping with anabolic steroids is like grouping aspirin with narcotic pain killers. In a sense, he is right. Aspirin, while legal, is dangerous when consumed in large amounts, but it is perfectly safe for otherwise healthy people who use it responsibly.

What Does H.G.H Do?

Benefits of HGH for strengthIn fetuses, babies, and children, Growth Hormone is primarily responsible for growth. It helps fetuses develop into full-term babies, it helps babies develop into children, and it really kicks into gear during puberty when children seem to grow inches per year.

It generates cells at an exponential rate, and it has a tremendous effect on our bodies from the moment we are conceived. In fact, it is the single most influential hormone in our bodies, and a lack of it is what leads to the aging process.

Anti-Aging Benefits in Adults

The benefits for adults are much different than those in children. Just take a minute and look at a recent photo of Sylvester Stallone. Does he really look like he is pushing 70? There you have it. It promotes youthfulness because it regenerates cells all throughout the body.

It helps build lean muscle tissue by generating muscle cells. It helps prevent sagging skin and wrinkles by generating the cells that make up collagen and elastin. In fact, it may even keep your organs healthier by generating new, healthy cells to replace those that die naturally. For athletes and bodybuilders, the potential benefits are very clear.

When added to a steroid cycle, it enhances the body’s anabolic state and can lead to faster, higher-quality gains. HGH benefits also include improved speed, strength, and raw power, giving athletes a competitive edge.

However, these individuals tend to use higher doses of between 4IU and 8IU a day. Over time, doses such as these can lead to unwanted side effects, and that’s why it’s important to cycle and take breaks between cycles. Most experts recommend cycles lasting from 12 weeks to six months, then a break of equal length afterwards.

growth hormones for men

Potential Side Effects

Although there are plenty of undeniable HGH benefits, there are also some side effects. Because it is a growth hormone, it may cause the irregular growth of bones and cartilage.

Some people notice this in areas of the body like their hands, feet, head, and even nose as the hormone continues to stimulate growth in those areas. Some studies link Growth Hormone with the potential for oversized organs, especially the heart.

This can become dangerous over time, but fortunately, you can mitigate these side effects with responsible use. Adults should always take in cycles and never for long periods of time.

It might also cause increases in blood pressure; pain, redness, and itching at the injection site; headaches; nausea with or without vomiting; and rapid weight gain caused by edema. Not everyone will experience these side effects, and those who do find that they often get better on their own over time. For most, the benefits greatly outweigh the side effects.

Should Everyone Use?

Just like any other form of hormone, steroid, or drug, there are some people who should not use. Anyone who has an underlying medical condition or who takes prescription or OTC medications regularly should first speak to their physicians about potential dangers and interactions.

Aside from this, men and women alike enjoy the benefits of human growth hormone when they use it responsibly. For example, at doses of just 0.5IU (for women) or 1IU (for men) each day, the benefits of HGH are noticeable. It’s possible to slow the hands of time so you look and feel younger for many years to come.

Only a handful of studies on the long-term use exist, and while one such study conducted by the Safety and Appropriateness of Growth Hormone Treatments in Europe group (or SAGhE) claims that it can increase mortality rates. It is important to remember that this study focused on children receiving high-dose for medical issues – not low doses for human growth hormone benefits like wellness and anti-aging.Human Growth Hormone Benefits

Should Non-Prescription be Legal?

With all this information in mind, there are many people who believe that it should be available to them over-the-counter. The argument is that, like other medications, it has been proven safe when used responsibly.

Those who have proposed an OTC form have agreed that it should be limited to adults and that it should be regulated in much the same way as certain cold medications. This could prevent people from buying too much and using too much at once, effectively protecting their health.

Others argue that it is far too dangerous for individuals to use outside of the care of their physicians. There are even some who claim that it use may be addictive, but this is simply not the case.

Individuals cannot become physically dependent on many substances, and any potential addiction would be psychological rather than physiological. It is not considered a controlled substance in the US and similar countries, but it is illegal to buy it or possess it if you do not have a prescription from your doctor.

Injections vs. Pills vs. Boosters

Finally, it is important to understand the differences in the types of you might find in a pharmacy, on the street, or HGH for sale in your local drug store. In countries like the US, it is legal to sell what are referred to as“boosters”, which are essentially the precursors to the hormone your body makes naturally.

Science has found that these rarely do any good because your body uses those very same precursors to make other hormones and neurotransmitters, so very little (if any at all) is actually converted. This leaves only injections and pills, and of the two, the benefits of injections are more noticeable.

The pills offer lower bioavailability once they’ve been metabolized, which means you would need to take a larger dose to get the same effect. When you use the pills, it takes quite a long time for the hormone to build up in your body enough to provide a noticeable effect.

Injections, on the other hand, will give you good results in about 12 weeks. As you can see, there are some people out there – including Sylvester Stallone – who believe that it’s the veritable fountain of youth.

Although this may very well be the case, more is not always better. If you want to truly reap the variety of HGH benefits, make sure that you use it responsibly.

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