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Why Do Bodybuilders Use Nitric Oxide Supplements?

Nitric oxide (or nitro oxide) is a gas that the body manufactures from arginine, a nonessential amino acid.

It’s a natural vasodilator, which means it opens up the blood vessels and facilitates more efficient delivery of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.

Bodybuilders use nitric oxide supplements for several very unique benefits that help them look and feel their very best.

#1 – They Make Workouts More Intense

When it comes to Bodybuilding, the number one goal is to gain solid, lean muscle tissue.

To do this, bodybuilders participate in intense strength and endurance training.

When you can make each set more effective, you can gain muscle tissue more quickly.

Nitric oxide allows for better blood flow, and therefore it promotes the delivery of nutrients and proteins directly to the muscles, which allows them to grow larger and stronger.

#2 – Supplements Reduce Mid-Workout Fatigue

There’s nothing worse for a bodybuilder than getting most of the way through a planned workout and experiencing significant muscle Fatigue.

If you think of your muscles like an engine, you can also think of nutrients and glucose as the fuel.

Your muscles need these things to keep working, and without them, you’ll experience weakness, shakiness, and perhaps even injury.

Nitric oxide supplements allow the blood to provide more nutrients and glucose, and with that steady supply of fuel, you aren’t likely to run out of gas.

#3 – Nitric Oxide Supplements Decrease Recovery Time

Fatigue and muscle soreness often sets in hours or even a day after an intense workout, which makes it difficult to get out of bed, much less participate in yet another rigorous exercise session.

You might already know that following your workout with Proteins and healthy nutrients is one of the best ways to improve your recovery, but what if more of those nutrients actually went to your muscles to rebuild them?

That’s how nitric oxide can help. It facilitates faster, better delivery of nutrients, allowing you to recover more quickly.

#4 – They Promote a Better, Longer “Pump”

If you get excited over the pumped-up, full look that you can achieve during and after a workout, then nitric oxide is certainly the supplement for you.

When your muscles are benefitting from increased blood flow, they look larger and feel harder.

Many bodybuilders take nitric oxide prior to competitions in order to improve their overall Vascularity and make their muscles truly pop.

#5 – Nitric Oxide Helps Burn Fat

nitric oxide supplementsFinally, part of bodybuilding involves maintaining the right ratio of muscle to body fat.

Unfortunately, many of the tips and tricks that people use To Burn Fat – including cutting calories –  can cause you to feel fatigued.

Nitric oxide stimulates the body to release adipose tissue, or stored fat, into the bloodstream so it can be broken down for energy.

This not only fuels your workouts, but also allows you to cut fat without starving yourself or feeling fatigued.

As you can see, nitric oxide supplements are very important to bodybuilders for a variety of reasons.

They improve energy levels, reduce fatigue, shorten recovery times, make muscles look better, and even burn fat – all things that help bodybuilders look their best on stage and off.

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