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Why Bodybuilders are Raving about the HMB Creatine Combination

Creatine is one of the most popular, well-known products used by bodybuilders today. It is nothing more than a combination of amino acids that the body can use to help create more energy. Recently, the HMB creatine combination has gotten a lot of attention – and for good reason. Studies suggest that this powerful combination provides twice the results of either product alone. Learn about your goal based daily macro intakes, using our latest addition Macro Calculator.





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What Creatine Does

When you work out, your body relies on ATP, or adenine triphosphate, as an energy source. As your body utilizes this energy, it forms ADP, or adenine diphosphate, which is fairly useless within the body. This is where Creatine supplementation comes in. The addition of three amino acids – glycine, arginine, and methionine – transforms the useless ADP back into ATP that your body can use for energy. The result? An almost endless supply of energy that allows you to work out harder and longer.

What HMB Does

During your workout, you are essentially damaging your muscle fibers, which causes the Proteins making them up to break down into their amino acid building blocks. Then, your body may use these amino acids to create things like hair, enzymes, antibodies, or even new muscle tissue. HMB, or beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate, helps slow the processes by which proteins break down, which prevents muscle damage and allows for faster workout recovery. What’s more, it also aids in the protein synthesis process as it relates to Muscle Growth. This translates directly into stronger, bigger muscles that can repair themselves more easily after workouts.

How HMB and Creatine Work Together

Now that you understand how both HMB and Creatine work, it is easy to see why so many bodybuilders swear by the HMB creatine combination. The creatine provides what amounts to an endless stream of energy, which improves your stamina and endurance during workouts. At the same time, the HMB helps prevent significant muscle damage and allows your body to utilize more proteins within the muscle tissues, which results in phenomenal growth. The two compounds seem to complement one another perfectly as they create the perfect environment in your body for muscle growth – all without the risk of serious side effects.

Getting Started with the HMB Creatine Combo

HMB creatineIf you are interested in getting started with HMB and creatine to grow large, healthy, strong muscle tissue, it is best to buy both products separately so you can better control your dose of each. You will need 1800mg of HMB three times per day, preferably before workouts to help protect your muscles and facilitate protein synthesis afterward. You’ll also need to take 15g to 25g a day of creatine monohydrate for one week, then take 5g per day as a maintenance dose. Most bodybuilders will use this combination for 90 days to three months, take a one-month break, and then cycle again to get the best results.

The HMB creatine combination is one of the most powerful all-natural stacks available to bodybuilders today. It creates the prime conditions within the body for incredibly intense workouts that lead to tremendous gains in both size and strength.

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