Phosphatidic Acid

What Is Phosphatidic Acid Used For?

Phosphatidic AcidIt seems as though new bodybuilding supplements are constantly hitting the market. One that has recently garnered a lot of attention is phosphatidic acid, a substance that is showing a great deal of promise when it comes to helping people build muscle.

What Is Phosphatidic Acid?

Phosphatidic acid is a type of phospholipid, which are substances found in cell membranes that influence a number of processes. Also known as PA, it is also thought to enhance the anabolic effects of resistance training. This substance is found in eggs and soy in very trace amounts. Phosphatidic acid makes up only a small percentage of a person’s total phospholipid pool, which is why those who want to maximize its effect often desire supplements.

How it Works

A protein known as “mammalian target of rapamycin” or mTOR has been identified as a key regulator in the body when it comes to Muscle Growth. The process in which this happens is referred to as mechanically-induced mTOR signaling. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin recently discovered that phosphatidic acid directly activates mTOR, and is therefore responsible for fueling mTOR signaling.

Results of Study

A study was recently performed on 16 men, 7 of whom were given 750 mg of phosphatidic acid daily and 9 who were given a placebo. All participants followed a similar resistance Training program over a period of eight weeks. At the end of the study, researchers determined that the men who were given PA supplements experienced a 12.7% increase in Squat strength, along with a 2.6% increase in lean body mass. Those who took a placebo showed only a 9.3% increase in squat strength, and had only a slight change (0.1%) in their lean body mass.

Phosphatidic Acid Benefits

There are numerous benefits to using phosphatidic acid, with the biggest one being that it has high bioavailability. This means it is capable of being absorbed into the body rather rapidly. It has been shown to increase muscle mass, improve strength, and aid in fat loss. There is also some research that suggests PA could help regulate levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the body. Most people notice no side effects from taking phosphatidic acid, so it is safe even for those who are taking other supplements or medications.

How to Take Phosphatidic Acid

To achieve the best benefits from phosphatidic acid, around 750 mg per day is recommended. All 750 mg does not need to be taken at once, as many people find splitting that amount up into three or even five doses daily is effective. Some supplements found in softgel form contain cherry fruit powder, which is effective at reducing muscle soreness and might also help prevent catabolism. When taking this supplement for Stress reduction, look for tablets that also contain astragalus and longjack root, as these two ingredients are also thought to calm the body.

If you would like to lose fat and maximize your Bodybuilding efforts, phosphatidic acid supplements could be the way to go. Results may be noticed in only a short while, making them an excellent choice whenever you are preparing for a Competition or otherwise need to firm up quickly.

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