Mangosteen Extract

What Is Mangosteen Extract Used For?

The mangosteen fruit is native to countries like Thailand and Myanmar, and it’s been a very popular medicine (and dietary staple) for centuries. In fact, it’s often called the “Queen of Fruits” due to their being so many benefits of Mangosteen. Because the fruit is perishable, many companies create mangosteen extract and sell it to the general public.

What Is the Extract?

According to research, the primary active ingredients in these fruits are xanthones, which are antioxidant pigments that give the fruit its yellowish hues. Although the outer hull of a Mangosteen fruit is dark purple and sometimes almost black in nature, the inner part of the hull contains the highest concentration of these xanthones. Manufacturers will often completely dry the fruits, then process them into a fine powder in order to concentrate the xanthones. This powder is sold as-is or encapsulated. In a few cases, manufacturers may add Mangosteen extracts to drinks or juices.

Who Uses It?

People around the world use mangosteen extract for a variety of reasons. In the Western world, it’s a common ingredient in weight loss supplements due to its ability to suppress the Appetite and promote fat burning, all without the harsh side effects that stimulants can cause. People also take mangosteen extract for its antioxidant properties, which make it a valuable weapon in the fight against cancers or even common ailments like the cold or flu. Mangosteen extract can also help reduce inflammation, protect the heart, and even manage menstrual cycles.

How Does it Work?

When it comes to weight loss, mangosteen extract works in two very distinct ways. First, it suppresses the appetite by stimulating the production of glycogen. Your body’s hunger response is due to a lack of glycogen, so when you have plenty in your body, you no longer feel hungry. Mangosteen also helps to stimulate the process of lipolysis, which is the term used to describe the breakdown of fat stores. Simply put, it tells fat cells to release their stores and allows the fat to be properly processed and/or excreted from the body. With these two processes working in harmony, Losing Weight becomes simpler.

Is Mangosteen Extract Worth It?

Mangosteen ExtractAlthough people who use mangosteen report mixed results, the general consensus is that it truly does work. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll need to combine your mangosteen extract with a healthy diet and exercise program in order for it to help you lose weight. It cannot and will not help you shed pounds alone; it amplifies your own efforts and makes losing weight faster, easier, and more comfortable. After all, if you can cut calories and still feel satisfied, changing your lifestyle becomes more tolerable.

Mangosteen extract is used in many different products for a variety of reasons, but its ability to help you lose weight and boost your immunity at the same time – all without the need for stimulants – makes it incredibly popular. It’s a great way to boost your efforts or to help you hurdle plateaus in your weight loss.

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