Adrenal Glands

What Is Adrenal Fatigue?

Having enough energy to make it through the day can be nearly impossible for anyone who suffers from adrenal fatigue. If you find yourself feeling increasingly tired on a daily basis, then it may be the result of this condition. Learn more about warning signs and possible causes below, and how to recover if you are a sufferer.

What can Fatigued Adrenal Glands Do to the Body?

In order to understand what adrenal fatigue does to the body, you will first need to become familiar with the hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal axis (HPA). This system is what makes a body feel the effects of things like Stress or excitement. Over the years, the HPA system will be affected by a number of factors such as low physical activity or even too much Caffeine intake. These factors are what usually lead to the body feeling rundown and will could it hard for you to even find the energy to get out of bed.

What Is the Result of the Adrenals Being Fatigued?

Once a person understands what happens to the body during Adrenal Fatigue, they can start to connect the dots with the symptoms they are experiencing. Things like weight gain or even low sex drive can be attributed to this condition. The Adrenals are part of the HPA axis and when they are not working correctly it can throw off the hormone levels in the body. The adrenals release hormones like cortisol during stressful situations, which in turn makes the fight or flight response kick in.

Some of the Symptoms of Fatigued Adrenal Glands

While low energy levels and weight gain are among the most common symptoms of this condition, there are a variety of others that you may notice. If you start to notice that you are having an increase in respiratory issues, it may be a result of your immune system being weakened by fatigued adrenal glands. Another common symptom that you may notice with this condition is body or back aches. Noticing these symptoms and taking steps to get your adrenal glands back on track is important and well worth the effort invested.

How to Recover From Fatigued Adrenal Glands

Adrenal GlandsFor most people with this condition, finding a way to get their adrenal glands back shape is a top concern. While there are a number of supplements on the market that aid in restoring the adrenal glands to full functionality, you can change a few things in your diet to help as well. Ridding your diet of things like excess sugars and processed grains can be very helpful in your quest for healthier adrenal glands. Try to eat more nutrient rich meals and consider supplementing with B, C and D vitamins, selenium, magnesium, Zinc and omega-3 fatty acids. Remember to hydrate properly, and go to bed early.

Be sure to consult with a medical professional to get some guidance when it comes to the adrenal fatigue supplements on the market. The more that you are able to find out about the tools available to you, the better equipped you will be to recover properly. Making changes in your diet and exercise routine can work wonders when it comes to correcting this condition.

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