What Is 5HTP Used For?

What Is 5HTP Used For?

What Is 5HTP Used For?Many people ask the same question when it comes to one of the most popular dietary supplements in recent years: what is 5HTP used for? This single supplement can help relieve a variety of psychological and physical symptoms and leave you feeling better than ever.

Alleviating Depression and Anxiety

A hormone known as serotonin plays a huge role in your mood and emotions. Too little serotonin, and you will undoubtedly begin to feel stressed out, moody, and sometimes even depressed. While there are dozens of pharmaceutical options out there for treating Depression and anxiety, including the ever-popular SSRIs and benzodiazepines, these come with undesirable side effects. The 5HTP supplement is different in that it is a chemical that your brain uses to synthesize serotonin. By providing your body with more of this basic building block, it can create serotonin naturally.

Weight Loss

One of the most difficult parts of Losing Weight is managing the number of calories you consume. Although science tells you that you need to burn more calories than you take in to Lose Weight, cutting back calories often leads to pangs of hunger and feeling unsatisfied. Fortunately, science also shows that serotonin has an effect on your Appetite. The more serotonin in your body, the fewer hunger pangs and cravings you feel. When you no longer feel quite as hungry, you can consume fewer calories comfortably and lose weight.

Promoting Restful Sleep

When people ask the question, “what is 5HTP used for?” they are often surprised to learn that it is a very popular sleep aid. The hormone in your brain that tells your body when to feel sleepy and when to feel wakeful is called melatonin, and 5HTP plays an important role in its synthesis. When you have enough melatonin in your body, you can get to Sleep faster and stay asleep longer with fewer interruptions. What’s more, upon waking, you’ll feel completely rested and rejuvenated rather than groggy.

Improving Focus and Memory

A lack of serotonin can cause people to feel as if their minds are “foggy”. They may not be able to focus on a task at hand, they may have trouble multitasking, and their Memory and cognition may even suffer. Improving the levels of serotonin in the blood with the help of 5HTP can help improve the way neural pathways transmit chemical signals, thereby improving everything from focus to comprehension and even memory.

Promoting a Sense of Wellbeing

When you can get a great night’s sleep, wake up feeling focused, fight off the effects of Stress and depression, and even get to a healthy weight without feeling hungry, all of these things can help you feel better in general. It improves your Mood and helps you feel happier all around. For this reason, it can be said that 5HTP promotes a sense of overall health and wellbeing.

What is 5HTP used for? People use 5HTP for a variety of reasons that range from appetite suppression and weight loss to fighting depression and Anxiety. Because just about everyone who uses 5HTP experiences all of the benefits shown above, it can also be said that it directly promotes a good mood and a general sense of wellbeing.

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