Benefits of Steroids

What are the Benefits of Steroids?

Whether you are interested in adding solid muscle mass, cutting stubborn body fat, or even improving your overall athletic performance, there are many outstanding benefits of steroids that are difficult to ignore. When used according to guidelines, they are safe and can provide excellent results.

Benefits in Medicine

Before diving into the steroids as they apply to performance enhancement, it should be understood that these compounds are still used in medicine for a variety of reasons.

The table below lines out some that are still prescribed around the world.

Anabolic SteroidBenefits in Medicine
Weight gain; treatment of osteoporosis
Spurs puberty and provides hormone replacement
Deca Durabolin
Treats anemia, breast cancer, and osteoporosis
Provides hormone replacement and prevents muscle wasting
Veterinary – Facilitates mass gain

As you can see, there are benefits that apply to more than just athletes and bodybuilders. These compounds can ease the symptoms associated with some fairly serious conditions, and they can provide people with a more normal way of life and improved wellbeing.

Increased Recovery Times

One of the first benefits of steroids that athletes and bodybuilders notice is that they are able to recover far more quickly, even from very intense workouts.

They regulate the production of cortisol, which is known by many in the scientific community as the “stress hormone.” It causes damage to muscle tissues and slows down the time it takes for individuals to recover from their workouts. When introduced, they help the body recover much more quickly and allow for more stamina during a workout, as well.

There are some cases in which physicians may prescribe anabolics like Sustanon or Anavar to patients who have been involved in traumatic injuries or accidents. That’s because they facilitate Muscle Growth when combined with the right nutrition, which allows these individuals to heal without fear of muscle wasting.

In some cases, even if they aren’t provided during treatment, they may be given for short periods of time once the patient is active again to help them rebuild a healthy amount of muscle.Benefits of Steroids

Larger, Stronger Muscles

Another of the best benefits is the fact that they create stronger, larger muscles, and this is precisely why so many bodybuilders around the world rely on them to help add bulk.

Anabolics also multiply nitrogen content in the body, and these increase nitrogen levels make it much easier for the body to produce more protein. In turn, the muscles, which rely on protein, can grow much more quickly than before.

Although they can cause muscle growth without exercise, it is when athletes pair with rigorous exercise that they see the best results. Of course, the benefits in medicine are much the same when it comes to muscle growth.

Individuals who have certain conditions that cause them to fail to thrive, as well as those who are suffering from certain immune conditions that cause unwanted muscle wasting, can reap the benefits, too. For many people, these products allow them to maintain a healthy body weight despite their inherent medical conditions.

A study in PlosOne showed that Deca Durabolin was especially effective when it came to counteract skeletal Muscle Atrophy in rats who were restricted from using those muscles. These results point toward the same use in humans, allowing them to maintain their muscle mass after significant Injuries and despite certain conditions that may impede their ability to exercise.

Reduced Body Fat

Although significant fat reduction is not one of the benefits of steroids, which means that people who are significantly overweight should not use them, they can help pre-competition bodybuilders burn away stubborn body fat – especially subcutaneous fat right beneath the skin.

Anabolics are not fat burners themselves; they facilitate fat loss by improving the body’s metabolism, which means that the benefits of diet and exercise multiply. What’s more, certain ones (such as Winstrol) can also help bodybuilders maintain their gains during periods of extreme caloric deficiency.

They Improve Libido

Derivatives of natural testosterone, and because a lack of testosterone is often responsible for lack of libido, there is clinical evidence (and user testimonial) to suggest that using responsibly may contribute to a healthier sex drive.

In fact, this is a practice that is common in medical settings. Men will often visit their physicians concerned about their lack of sex drive or inability to get and maintain erections. Oftentimes, low levels of testosterone are to blame for these conditions, and a regimen of hormone replacement therapy, often with Andriol (testosterone undecanoate) or Sustanon (a testosterone blend), can reverse those symptoms.Steroid Benefits

Faster Red Blood Cell Production

red blood cells are critical for delivering oxygen to the muscles, allowing them to grow and thrive. Another benefit of steroids is their ability to amplify red blood cell production, which leads to an increase in the amount of oxygen that the bloodstream can carry.

This means that they are often great treatments for individuals suffering from certain types of anemia, but they also benefit athletes who burn significant amounts of oxygen during their workouts.

Some of the best anabolics for improving red blood cell production are Winstrol and Deca Durabolin, with the latter still being prescribed in countries like the United States for people who have severe anemia and who do not respond favorably to non-steroid treatments.

Though the doses used in medicine are much lower than those used for performance enhancement, it just goes to show that the benefits of steroids are real, and that improvements in red blood cell counts can benefit both the anemic and those interested in boosting their performance.

They cannot provide benefits on their own. It is up to you to use them responsibly by taking the right dosage for the recommended period of time. What’s more, combining them with a healthy diet and workout routine can help to amplify these benefits even further.

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