Natural Thermogenics

Use these Natural Thermogenics Tips to Burn Fat

Natural ThermogenicsThermogenesis is a process by which the body’s temperature rises and enhances metabolic rates. It’s possible to induce this state on your own to help improve your body’s ability to burn fat with all-natural products. These natural thermogenics have been shown to work for many people who struggle to lose weight on their own.

Avoid Harsh Stimulants

Many of the diet pills on the market today contain stimulants. This allows the manufacturer to claim the products will boost your energy, suppress your Appetite, and help you burn fat. Many stimulants, including Caffeine, can induce a thermogenic state in your body. Although this can certainly be beneficial, it is not without its risks. Caffeine (and similar stimulants) have a significant risk for side effects. These may include but are not limited to jitters, anxiety, rapid heartbeat, and even heart palpitations. To avoid these side effects, choose natural thermogenics that are virtually free of side effects.

The Best Natural Thermogenics

Some of the products that create a thermogenic environment in your body are completely natural and derived from fruits, herbs, or other types of plants. There are several examples that you can find in some supplements.

  • Guarana – This herb is found in the Amazon jungle, and the thermogenic ingredient is called guaranine. It is nearly identical to caffeine in structure, but it does not create many of the same side effects as caffeine. In fact, many energy drink manufacturers use both guarana and caffeine in their beverages.


  • Hydroxycitric Acid – Hydroxycitric acid is the active ingredient in the popular compound known as garcinia cambogia. It is very closely related to the citric acid found in fruits like oranges, lemons, and grapefruits. It blocks the production of fat from carbohydrates, which in turn creates an increased metabolism and therefore a higher body temperature.
  • Essential Fatty Acids – Essential fatty acids include those in the omega-3, 6, and 9 categories. When you consume enough of these fatty acids, they’ll activate the body’s fat stores to burn the extra calories in order to maintain a healthy body temperature. With that slight rise in temperature comes a faster metabolism and even more weight loss.

Inducing a Thermogenic State with Diet and Exercise

The best natural thermogenics are those that you don’t have to take in a capsule form every day. There are a few ways in which you can induce a thermogenic state on your own.

  • Diet Changes – Whereas most people consume three well-balanced meals per day, you can boost your metabolism and create a thermogenic environment by consuming up to six small meals per day. This doesn’t allow the metabolism to Rest.
  • Exercise – Your body temperature rises naturally as you work out. After all, it has to work harder to deliver enough oxygen to your muscles and keep your body fueled.
  • Saunas – Spending some time in a sauna can also help induce a thermogenic environment in your body. However, it only lasts a short time and is often uncomfortable. Combining a sauna session with natural thermogenics can help provide a fat-burning boost, but it is unlikely that using a sauna alone will provide any additional fat burning benefit.

Natural thermogenics have one primary function: they raise your body’s core temperature just slightly by stimulating cells to produce heat. In turn, this heat helps to facilitate a faster metabolism. With time, it’s possible to lose more weight than with diet and exercise alone.

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