Bodybuilding Tips

Use These Bodybuilding Tips to Get Results Quickly

Bodybuilding TipsMany people long for bigger muscles, but are impatient to see results. If this sounds similar, here are some bodybuilding tips you can use to make sure your progress isn’t being hindered.

#1. Push to One Rep Short of Failure

To get the muscles to grow, there is no need to push yourself to the point of exhaustion. You do however need to Challenge the muscle, which is why you should lift nearly to the point of muscle failure but not beyond it. This might be contrary to what you’ve heard, but make sure to keep increasing the weight each week and you will see gains.

#2. Use Compound Exercises to your Advantage

Compound exercises are those that work more than one muscle group at a time. An example is the squat, which works the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and Calves. Make it your goal to perform compound Exercises for 80% of your workout, and you should notice results a whole lot sooner. Some studies have even shown that compound exercises will raise your testosterone levels. You can also lift heavier with compound exercises compared to isolation exercises – which are ideally best for shaping or better hitting muscles that are lacking development.

#3. Switch up your Routine

Creating variety in your routine will prevent you from becoming bored, making it more likely you will continue Working Out. You don’t have to make major changes, as simply adjusting the amount of weight you lift or changing the tempo of your reps will provide balance. Switching up your routine and exercises will also help you avoid the plateau that many new bodybuilders experience after a few weeks. This works by ‘shocking’ your muscles so they don’t become too used to a series of motions and develop slower.

#4. Set a Goal to Lift more Weight Over Time

No matter how consistent you are, it will be nearly impossible to add muscle mass unless you are continuously adding more weight to your bar. If you get stuck at a certain level, try drop sets and supersets for a while until you are able to start adding more weight again. Remember that even small 0.5lb increments still amounts to progress. Having said this, it’s important not to lift too much weight so that you can’t complete a full set (you should have trouble lifting the weight toward the end of your set each time, but not to the point that you perform too few reps).

#5. Avoid Low-Carb Diets

Bodybuilding tips that recommend cutting carbs could actually be harmful rather than helpful. A combination of complex and simple carbohydrates before a workout will provide you with the slow and steady energy you need to continue lifting weights, while also replenishing glycogen stores that have been depleted.

#6. Don’t Fight Through the Pain

While some muscle soreness is to be expected, severe aches and pains are not. Serious discomfort indicates that something is wrong, in which case you only risk injuring yourself further by continuing to exercise. Likewise, if you experience pain while Working out, this means there is a problem and you should stop what you are doing immediately. Certain Injuries can side-line you for months which can seriously throw a spanner in the works.

#7. Write Things Down

According to a study by Dominican University, people who write their goals down accomplish significantly more than those who do not. Not only can writing down your goals be helpful, but charting your progress will also keep you motivated and let you know whether or not you are remaining on track. This may seem like one of the more unusual bodybuilding tips, but it actually works. Click here for gym motivation quotes you can note down too.

If you are looking for results fast, keep these bodybuilding tips in mind. Incorporating just a few of them into your workout routine can provide you with some amazing benefits in only a short while.

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