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Top Fitness Craze Ideas to Grace the Fitness World

Fitness CrazeThe fitness industry is ever-evolving, as it seems a new workout idea pops up almost every week. Although not all of them take off, many spread like wildfire, turning into a new fitness craze nearly overnight.

Here are a few of the latest fitness trends that are currently being practiced by exercise enthusiasts everywhere.

#1. Wearable Technology

The number one fitness craze right now involves wearable technology such as smart watches, fitness trackers, GPS devices, and heart rate monitors. Industry experts anticipate that wearable technology sales will approach $6 billion by the end of 2016.

Fitbit is one company that produces a line of activity trackers that can calculate everything from the number of steps taken to the quality of sleep. There are currently also full suits available and being developed that can tell you what’s wrong with your form while Bodybuilding.

#2. PHA Training

Peripheral Heart Training or PHA is quickly edging out HIIT to become the most sought-after form of cardio training. PHA involves doing fifteen reps of five or six low-intensity Exercises that alternate between upper and lower body moves. These Exercises are performed in succession without a break in between.

This type of workout is effective at burning fat, building muscle, and boosting cardio all at the same time. Research from the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil showed that PHA training was very effective at building biceps and helping people develop a “six pack”.

#3. Pound

The Pound workout is the latest fitness craze to tap into the power of music. Each 45-minute class incorporates Pilates, plyometrics, and Isometric movements along with constant simulated drumming using light weights known as “Ripstix.” The routines are set to specially-calibrated tunes, so participants do not need any musical ability whatsoever.

Pound was developed by two lady drummers, Cristina Peerenboom and Kirsten Potenza, who claim individuals can burn up to 900 calories per session.

#4. Ropes Gone Wild

Another fitness craze that is taking gyms everywhere by storm is Ropes Gone Wild. Using special weighted ropes, exercisers perform a wave-light pattern by undulating from side to side.

It’s actually a lot harder than it looks, as Ropes Gone Wild works every major muscle group in the body while also providing a brisk Cardio workout. It is also low impact, making it perfect for anyone who has recently suffered an injury.

#5. Body Weight Training

Although not new at all, body weight training is once again becoming a fitness craze that involves using a person’s own body weight to develop strength. It is a minimalist approach to working out, incorporating movements such as push-ups, burpees, and squat jumps rather than lifting dumbbells or barbells.

Many people are tired of keeping up with the latest fitness trends and want a simple, no-nonsense routine that does not require a great deal of equipment.  Body weight training is ideal for people of all fitness levels, and can be performed anywhere.

It isn’t necessary to keep up with every last fitness craze. Simply choosing one of these trends will help people get in better shape or relieve boredom with an existing routine.

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