Beach Body Diet

The Real Beach Body Diet

Beach Body DietThe weather might be chilly now, but those warmer temperatures are just a few months away. Learn how to clean up your diet and get the beach body you want – without having to excessively cut calories or carbs!

The Beach Body Diet Basics

It isn’t uncommon to gain a few unwanted pounds during the winter months. Holidays, parties, and colder weather can put a damper on your diet and leave you with some work to do before unveiling your beach body. Thankfully, you don’t need to go on a weeklong Cleanse or eat only celery to get there!

The beach body diet basics are no different than any other diet’s basics – eat clean foods, reduce your sugar intake, and drink plenty of water. There’s no need for fancy pills or products here, solid Nutrition can do wonders for the body when followed consistently.

Eliminate Junk Food – Junk food provides no nutritional value to the body. It may taste good, but it is empty calories that do nothing but spike insulin levels and add extra calories to your diet. You don’t have to give it up forever, but reducing your intake of these empty calories is incredibly helpful when looking to achieve your beach body.

Reduce Your Intake of Bad Fats – Bad fats are the fats typically associated with fast food and processed food. These include butter, cooking oils and the fats found in some meat. Healthy fats are vital to a healthy body, so don’t cut out fats completely from your diet. Flaxseeds, avocado, and almonds are all examples of healthy fats that you should be adding to your diet – whether you are working on your beach body or not!

Drink Plenty of Water – Whether you realize it or not, water is an essential part of a healthy body. It is needed for all the essential processes performed in your body including Muscle Building, fat burning as well as energy production. When the body is dehydrated these processed can slow down, which means a slower metabolism and less calories burned. Being dehydrated can also lead to cravings, so drink up to ward of unwanted binges and keep your metabolism up!

Always Be Prepared – What happens when you are out on the town running errands or at work and your tummy starts to grumble? Most people swing by a fast food joint for a quick meal. While fast food every once in a while won’t kill you, it can derail your beach body efforts with its extra fat, sodium and calories. Stay away from it! Come prepared daily with pre-cooked meals, snacks and drinks that you can carry with you. It will save your waistline as well as your wallet in the long run!

Get Plenty of Sleep – Research shows that a lack of Sleep can lead to cravings and binges. It can also lead to a slower metabolism, so be sure that you are getting at least 7 hours of sleep every night! Insufficient sleep can also lead to laziness in the kitchen, which means fast food can make more appearances when you are simply too tired to cook. Don’t let something as silly as sleep derail your beach body efforts – make it a priority each night!

A beach body diet doesn’t have to be torture. Implement the above tips along with a consistent beach body fitness regimen and watch those unwanted winter pounds fall off!

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