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Best Steroid – For Getting Big

If you want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, then you should prepare yourself for plenty of hard work and dedication. Of course, anabolic steroids can also help you reach those goals if you know which ones to use – and how to use them safely.

Food – The Most Anabolic Substance Known to Man

First, it is important to point out that no anabolic steroid on the planet can help you get big and stay big if you do not eat enough food to facilitate and maintain your gains. Food is, by far, the most Anabolic substance on the planet. No matter what you use, you have to maintain a diet that offers enough Protein and other nutrients to boost Muscle Growth.

Some bodybuilders eat small meals eight times a day – every two hours – to provide their bodies with the Protein and energy they need. Unless you’re the rock, then it’s eight “huge” meals a day.

When to Add a Steroid

The truth is that you will not just “blow up” like Arnie after taking steroids for a few weeks. Even if you did, it would be unhealthy and your gains would be short-lived. The best way to get started involves tweaking your diet and Exercise program to facilitate gains at first.

Then, once you plateau and it seems that you cannot gain anymore – or if your body fat percentage remains high despite your best efforts to control it with diet, you can consider adding an Anabolic steroid.


Anadrol is part of the best steroid stack known to mankind for adding bulk, and that comes as no real surprise. Most men find that doses in the 25mg to 50mg a day range are all they really need to get big, especially when they pair their Anadrol with the right supplements, foods, and exercise.

Common stacks For Bulking include Anadrol and Testosterone propionate, which is a favorite among bodybuilders who love the burst of energy that comes from daily test doses. Anadrol, like many of the best orals, does cause some water retention, but you can mitigate this by reducing your sodium intake, consuming more fruits and vegetables, and increasing the amount of exercise sessions throughout the steroid


If you are a beginner and you want to start your first bulking cycle, then testosterone is always a fantastic choice. There are several options available to you, including long-lived enanthate and cypionate or shorter-lived propionate.

The doses for testosterone are variable, which will allow you to balance the benefit with the risk. Remember to utilize aromatase inhibitors during your testosterone cycles as it will readily convert to Estrogen in your body and cause significant side effects otherwise.

Deca Durabolin

Deca Durabolin (or Deca in the athletic world) is one of the most powerful bulking agents out there. Although it tends to build muscle more slowly than other compounds, it is high quality mass rather than mass comprised of water weight and bloat.

Users can gain up to 20 pounds in a 12-week cycle depending on their diet and exercise. Deca also converts to estrogen in the body, so use of Anti-Estrogen medications is required.

Because Deca suppresses the natural production of testosterone, men should always supplement with some form of synthesized testosterone for best results while they use it.Bulking Steroid


Many bodybuilders consider Dianabol the absolute best for “Getting Big”””, and evidence suggests that Arnold himself used prior the Mr. Olympia competitions. Although 20 pound gains in as little as 6+ weeks are quite possible, some users report gaining upward of 30 pounds.

Bodybuilders claim that Dianabol provides the best boosts in strength, too, and when combined with the compound’s penchant for gains, the effects are unbeatable. Bear in mind that Dianabol’s androgenic nature means that you will also retain quite a bit of water. You should supplement with an anti-estrogen and synthetic testosterone to keep side effects at bay.

Bulking: Beginners vs. Hard Gainers

Of course, there are two groups of people who need separate advice when it comes to the best steroids for getting big. These groups include beginners and people referred to as “hard gainers”.

A beginner is defined as someone who is new to performance enhancement, and someone who has worked out recreationally in the past without really trying to get big. A hard gainer, on the other hand, is someone who may have tried rigorous diet and exercise along with a steroid or two, and truly understands the ropes, but simply cannot put on the big gains like their counterparts.

The Best Start for Beginners –

Beginners should start their weight gain journey by working with a physical Trainer to determine the best exercise and nutrition program possible. Once this has resulted in gains and those gains have hit a plateau, it is time to try a beginner cycle with the best steroids that are mild and effective. A testosterone-only cycle is a great starting place, and one that every beginner should try before moving on to testosterone derivatives.

The Best Cycle Options for Hard Gainers –

Conversely, hard gainers have tried everything and anything, but still can’t seem to break through plateaus. At this point, a personal trainer may work with them to help them push their bodies to their absolute limits through customized strength and resistance Training, and they may also use some of the best cycle options out there.

For example, a cycle kickstarting with Dianabol for four weeks followed by Trenbolone or Deca Durabolin for another eight weeks is a great way to establish impressive gains, but this must be paired with rigorous workouts and a very strict diet. Any plateau can be broken with some research and the right supplements.

List of Bulking Steroids, Doses, and Cycle Lengths

Finally, as a point of reference, the chart below shows several anabolics along with their bulking doses, cycle lengths, and recommended experience level.

SteroidAverage DoseWeekly Cycle LengthRecommended Experience
Intermediate to Advanced
Beginner to Intermediate
Intermediate to Advanced
Deca Durabolin

Several anabolic steroids are perfect for “getting big”, but it is all about how you use them, your diet, and your overall build. When you can successfully combine food, exercise, and one of the aforementioned compounds, you should see lean mass in no time.

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