Ashley Yandle Personal Trainer

Ashley Yandle – Personal Trainer

Surpass Your Health and Fitness Goals with Ashley Yandle

Personal Trainer Showcase
Name: Ashley Yandle
Age: 31
Stats: 5’6” / 130 lbs
Location: San Diego, USA

What do you love about being a personal fitness trainer?

Ashley Yandle Personal TrainerI love that I get to help people achieve goals they never thought they would be able to. There is nothing better than doing a progress check and seeing that smile on your client’s face when they see how much body fat they have lost and how many inches are now gone.

What is your training philosophy?

It doesn’t matter how great of a plan I put together for a client. If it is not something they are going to follow or something they will stick with long term the plan needs to change. Every client has different goals and a different way they need to go about reaching those goals. It’s my job to figure that all out and make sure they have fun while they are doing it.

What are your own personal fitness goals?

To continue to find balance in my health and fitness journey. Owning a busy fitness studio makes balance hard.

What area of fitness do you find yourself gravitating towards the most? Why?

I gravitate towards boot camp, indoor cycling with a side of Yoga. There is no better combination out there. My favorite class is SculptCycle at Ashley Lane Fitness. It offers 25 minutes of boot camp and 25 minutes of indoor cycling in the same class. I am able to get my cardio and strength all done in one hour.

What common mistakes or misunderstandings do you think people have about becoming healthier?

Unrealistic expectations of how fast they will achieve their goals. Most people give up before they have a chance to succeed. I have clients who will eat salads for lunch for a week and complain they haven’t lost the 20 pounds they put on over the past 2 years. Stick with it and change will happen.

What do you get asked most often as a trainer?

How many cheat meals I can have?

How important do you feel having a personalized fitness plan is for success?

Having a personalize fitness plan is very important. It allows clients to achieve results in the fastest time possible. I can see how a client is responding to Training and then make changes on a weekly basis to ensure they do not plateau or lose interest.

How do you keep your clients motivated?

I set goals with all my clients and I do progress check ins every 10 pounds lost to show clients their success. We have also created a sense of community at Ashley Lane Fitness, so it’s a place where people are comfortable and all know each other. Clients motivate each other and hold each other accountable. It’s great!

And, how do you keep yourself motivated?

My clients. I practice what I preach and I would never want to let them down.

Finally, what is your favorite cheat food?

Mexican food for sure, I love chips and guacamole!

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