Supplements to Increase Testosterone

Supplements to Increase Testosterone

Several studies have definitively shown that testosterone production in men begins to decline about 1% each year at around age 30. This lessening testosterone can have an effect on a man’s mood, physical strength, sex life, and overall wellbeing.

Fortunately, there are several supplements to increase testosterone in men of all ages.

Supplements to Increase Testosterone

Exogenous Testosterone Supplements

The term “exogenous testosterone” refers to the introduction of testosterone that was not naturally produced within the body. They come in many forms, such as injections, pills, creams, gels, and patches.

These supplements require prescriptions in the United States, Canada, and many other countries, but in some places, such as Mexico, it is possible to find testosterone over the counter.

Physicians in many parts of the world prescribe testosterone to treat a condition known as Low-T, which presents with decreased levels of free testosterone in the bloodstream. Testing free testosterone levels is a requirement for obtaining a prescription, which can be problematic for many men.

Zinc, Vitamin B6, and Magnesium

For younger men who are concerned with boosting their own natural testosterone production in order to enjoy enhanced strength, performance, and physique, there are plenty of vitamins and minerals that can help.

Zinc is one of the best supplements to increase testosterone, particularly in men who are zinc-deficient. What’s more, vitamin B6 and magnesium can help the body absorb Zinc, and it also aids in converting free cholesterol to testosterone.

All of these can be found in any drug or department store. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for dosing as zinc and magnesium can have side effects in high doses.

Tribulus Terrestris

There are several supplements, testosterone boosters that contain an ingredient called Tribulus Terrestris, which is a herbal preparation derived from a flowering plant that grows in many parts of the world.

The ingredient is Tribulus Terrestris which is believed to help enhance testosterone levels is a phytochemical known as saponin, and the higher the saponin concentration in the supplement, the more potent the product.

Science shows that saponins can help reduce unhealthy cholesterol levels, and many researchers believe that Tribulus Terrestris facilitates the conversion of free cholesterol into testosterone. Studies on the product in humans are very limited, though.


Many athletes and bodybuilders swear by DHEA as part of their everyday routines. Rather than actually supplementing with exogenous steroids, these individuals supplement with DHEA.

DHEA is the parent hormone is made in the adrenal gland and changes to testosterone in men or estrogen in women. It only makes sense that increasing the amount of DHEA would, in turn, increase levels of testosterone.

In fact, some physicians believe that DHEA testing should be required for men who present with low natural testosterone production since it has fewer side effects and may be able to provide the same end result as exogenous testosterone.

There are several supplements to Increase Testosterone that are widely available in most health food, drug, and department stores. Although these are not as fast-acting as exogenous testosterone pills, they are milder and designed to help improve testosterone levels without the same potential for side effects.

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