Darlene Adamusik Personal Trainer

Darlene Adamusik – Personal Trainer

Strive for Progression with Darlene Adamusik

Personal Trainer Showcase
Name: Darlene Adamusik
Age: 33
Stats: 5’4” / 135 lbs
Location: Long Beach, USA
Website: www.bodblast.com

What inspired you to become a personal trainer?

Darlene Adamusik Personal TrainerI actually originally wanted to be an orthodontist. However, I’ve always really been into sports and exercising. In high school I did track and field, gymnastics, played soccer, and wrestled (112lb weight class). Later on during college I did indoor and outdoor track. So, I never planned on being a personal Trainer, but I’ve always had random people ask me at the gym for advice – such as what exercises are best for certain body parts etc. By chance, I got recruited as a personal trainer at a private gym while I was interning at an athletic sports medicine facility in college.

At the time I was initially more fascinated in rehabilitation, which I wanted to pursue into physical therapy. During this time I learned a lot about anatomy and the function of the body, as well as how important form is for preventing injury. I gradually become more passionate about health and fitness, and loved helping others. Soon after I finished with a bachelor of science degree in health and wellness, and a minor in coaching. Later on I became a fitness consultant and vegan health coach.

What are the fundamentals of personal fitness to you?

Everything I do pertains to challenging and overcoming my own weaknesses. I believe if you can do this, it will be life changing. Throughout my journey I have experienced a mix of challenges and emotions – ranging from fear and self-doubt to happiness and excitement. Once you pass all the bumps in the road with the mental game, it’s the most rewarding feeling. Achieving the results you want takes time, dedication and lots of hard work. I want to inspire and show others that if you want something bad enough and are determined, there are no excuses. I want to Challenge their weaknesses and have them experience the same positive outcome. My goal is for them to make their own lifetime change.

What are your own personal fitness goals?

My personal goal is to live a healthy and well balanced life through food. What you put in your body is extremely important. All my life I was always into fitness, but never realized just how important it is to focus on real foods rather than processed foods. I thought I always ate ‘healthy’, but was focusing on marketing fad words, and only looking at the first three ingredients. I never focus on the ‘lab’ words. After learning more in depth on foods and how it affects your health long term, I realized it’s vital to try and prevent health issues down the road.

What is the training philosophy of Bod Blast?

Be consistent every day with your commitment. If you give it 100% every day, you will see 100% results. If you give it only 80%, then you will only get 80% results. So focus day by day, because those small steps will add up significantly. It’s about striving for progression, not perfection.

What do you love about working with clients?

Not only do I love seeing their body transform, but I ultimately love seeing the confidence change and the increased energy in all my clients. It’s very rewarding to see them smile and be happy with even small improvements, like doing perfect form Pushups, being able to do a pull up, or the overall increase in their strength. Those little things make my day. Knowing that their positive attitude was by helping get them there.

What has been your favorite moment as a fitness aficionado?

Transitioning to vegan Nutrition. I never thought I would ever be a vegan, especially as a bikini competitor, but it really opened my eyes. It amazes me the strength I have built physically. Now I do tend to focus more on the health and nutrition part of life rather than just personal Training.

What tips do you have for people wishing to become fitness competitors?

Before you decide to compete, there are some things you need to be aware of and prepare for. For starters you should ask yourself some serious questions:

What are my intentions of competing? Why do I want to compete? Am I trying to Get Fit and look great? Is it a goal to accomplish? Am I inspired by all the transformation progress?

The next question is, after you compete what is your plan? Once you complete the initial goal of competing, will you take a break? Compete again? Are you unsure?

The reality check is that if your intention is to get fit, eat clean and look great in a bikini, that’s great. But… after your show you will not look like that again until you prepare again. Some gain 20lbs, 15lbs or just 5lbs. No matter what, you will not look like the day of the show. That’s the reality. Some already know this, but even though we know, we still don’t accept it. We are still hard on ourselves because we compare how we “used” to look. Once we know we can look like that, we want to maintain it. We then have that itch to compete again to maintain. Yes, I am one of them. I did shows back to back, because I loved the structure. I loved doing something for me and it kept me busy from my work.

My biggest tip is you need to take small baby steps. We all want fast results, but that’s when we crash and plateau. We all have bad habit, but you can’t give all of them up overnight. Start with one thing first, whether in relation to food or exercise. For instance, if you drink sugary coffee drinks then make a small change. Instead of a latte, do a cappuccino with Almond milk. Or perhaps go sugar free or eliminate the sweetener, then work towards going Dairy free. It’s the little things that add up. When you go to parties, stay away from the food table – chew gum! I can give many tips as I was once a major foodie, well, I still am – haha. I have learned to cut a lot of things out and not miss it one bit.

How do you keep your clients motivated?

I make it fun and challenging so they enjoy their workouts, and push them to their limits. Personally I don’t like yelling and avoid a negative attitude, so I train the way I like to be pushed. Everyone has their own styles and preferences, so if people like my style they will come to me. Even with my online training, I make it fun and I’m a positive motivator.

And, how do you keep yourself motivated?

I have three things that keep my motivated.

  1. Listening to some fun latino music. I need something upbeat and fun to keep me going.
  2. While I am biking to the gym I always listen to a motivating Podcast to get me going, One of the Podcasts I like listening to is MFCEO (Mother F*cking CEO), If you like tough love, that’s the Podcast to listen to.
  3. I love lifting heavy and knowing I am a badass vegan!

Why do you love following a vegan diet?

My main reason for switching 100% is mainly due to digestive issues. I realized as a bikini competitor that I was consuming way too much and was having more stomach problems than usual. I was feel miserable. Now I feel great. I have no stomach issues. I have amazing energy and realized I am a lot happier, and also less grumpy. I love all the nutrients I have been getting into my body, and I feel more powerful than usual. It’s crazy all the myths about how vegans are weak. People should do more research than judging and making assumptions.

Finally, what is your favorite cheat food?

Vegan donuts! Especially from Donuttery at Huntington Beach.

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