Marcelino Gebrayel

Learn to Challenge Yourself with Marcelino Gebrayel

Personal Trainer Showcase
Name: Marcelino Gebrayel
Age: 30
Stats: 188 cm / 94 kg
Location: Ehmej, Lebanon

Why did you become a personal fitness trainer?

Marcelino GebrayelI originally got introduced to the fitness world through my father who is also a professional athlete. He used to force me to train at a very young age, although I didn’t use to like it much. At the age of 18, I started taking care of my body: eating healthy and training regularly. Soon after, Training became a crucial part of my daily life, it became more like a hobby. I thought the way my dad inspired me and sometimes forced me into training affected my lifestyle very positively. I wanted to do the same for everyone else, I wanted to have a positive influence on people’s lives, I specialized, and here I am.

What does personal fitness mean to you?

It is a continuous Challenge. Challenge to beat yourself… yesterday.

What are your own fitness goals?

To stay fit as I age.

What are the most common mistakes you see people doing in the gym?

You see many people hitting the Gym for an exhausting workout and then disappear to show up a week or a month later sometimes for another strong workout. One should keep in mind that continuity is very important and that not having time for a full training session is not an excuse to skip. All or nothing.

Do you have a particular routine or workout plan you like your clients to follow? Say for someone looking to lose fat and build muscle?

I go case by case – depending on my clients’ current status, their Personal Fitness goal, and the time they have to achieve the goal – the type and the intensity of trainings vary. Most importantly, we always work in parallel on following a healthy diet tailored to complement their fitness plan.

What are your three most favorite exercises for building muscle? Why?

Push ups, Pull Ups and planks. They work on muscular endurance, strength, and stability.

What do you get asked most often as a trainer?

People are always in a rush, most of them always want to know how fast they could get the expected training result. My advice for them is to be patient and focus on non-scale victories and improved capabilities.

What practical advice do you give people just starting out?

My advice for beginners is to follow the right track from the very beginning. Consult a dietitian and have a personal Trainer. The problem with beginners is that they will soon get discouraged if they don’t achieve their desired results. Having professionals by their sides will help them get to their goals much faster and avoid wrong practices.

How do you keep your clients motivated?

The most important thing for me is to let clients enjoy their workout and really have fun practicing. Once people start liking what they are doing, they will definitely be motivated to come back and proceed.

And, how do you keep yourself motivated?

I keep on challenging myself. You don’t get to Sleep on your laurels in the fitness world. But all of this doesn’t make sense if it wasn’t for my love for Sports and the amazing energy I get from training.

Finally, what’s your favorite cheat day food?

I love burgers.

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