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Is It Possible to Buy Phentermine Over the Counter?

Many people are interested in using phentermine to suppress their appetites and provide them energy to help facilitate weight loss. The only real problem has to do with finding enough to complete a cycle. Individuals want to know if it’s possible to buy phentermine over the counter. Unfortunately, the answer is no – at least in the United States.

Phentermine Is a Controlled Substance

In the United States, phentermine is considered a Schedule IV controlled substance. This means that while it does have tremendous benefits in the medical world, it still exhibits the potential for abuse. Because of this, the federal government limits access to it. You can only get it from a pharmacy with a prescription from a doctor. Unlike certain other medications, you can’t simply present your ID, sign a form, and walk away with your Phentermine. Buying, possessing, and selling phentermine without a prescription is a crime.

Phentermine is very closely related to amphetamines at the molecular level, and this means it has many of the same effects. It is a stimulant Appetite suppressant, so it can provide significant amounts of energy, squash cravings, and amplify your weight loss efforts. Unfortunately, phentermine diet pills over the counter are illegal in most places, so the only way to obtain it in most countries is with a prescription from a licensed physician.

Getting a Prescription for Phentermine

phentermine over the counterThe good news is that there are many doctors in the United States who are more than happy to write prescriptions for phentermine as long as you are otherwise healthy, willing to make lifestyle changes, and making efforts to shed pounds on your own. In fact, there are some doctors who specialize in weight loss who can help you create an entire fitness plan to help you meet your goals. This may include Nutrition counseling, exercise recommendations, and a prescription for phentermine.

Athletes and bodybuilders who are physically fit and who only want to shed a small amount of body fat may find it more difficult to obtain phentermine. Although it certainly can and does work, remember there are certain risks associated with using it. This means that physicians will weigh the benefits of phentermine against the risks on a case-by-case basis, and if you are not overweight, there is a very good chance you will have difficulty obtaining a prescription. In fact, this is what leads many fitness enthusiasts to look for phentermine over the counter in the first place.

Phentermine Over the Counter in Other Countries

Even though phentermine over the counter isn’t available in the US, it is in some countries around the world. The most popular is Mexico, and many people travel from the United States to Mexico each year in order to procure phentermine. Surprisingly, lots of countries with relatively lax laws surrounding products like performance enhancers and weight loss supplements have banned phentermine – including Thailand. If you’re traveling, and you’re interested in learning where to buy phentermine over the counter in a specific country, it’s best to learn the laws in those individual countries.

If you choose to travel abroad to obtain phentermine over the counter, be advised that it is highly illegal to bring the substance across international borders. For this reason, you should consider staying in the country where phentermine is legal to complete your cycle. Bringing any pharmaceutical substance into another country can result in jailtime, significant fines, and felony charges that may follow you for a lifetime. For most people, it is simply not worth the risk involved.

Over-the-Counter Substitutes

It is possible to buy phentermine substitutes over the counter, but the efficacy of some of these is quite questionable. Many companies make them, and while some do a very good job of providing the same effects to a degree, others do very little if anything at all. Look for natural and powerful ingredients that have been clinically shown to facilitate weight loss. What’s more, look for companies that specialize in providing high-quality supplements and that have outstanding reputations for selling effective products. Not all companies have a solid name behind them, and those are the ones you should avoid.

There are several herbal and all-natural substances that offer stimulant and appetite suppressant benefits that can accelerate your weight loss efforts. The chart below serves as a point of reference for some of the ingredients you can look for in your over the counter phentermine alternative.

ProductWhat it DoesUsual Dose
*Vitamin B12
Stimulant & metabolism enhancer
1mg daily (oral) or 100mcg daily (injection)
African Mango
Metabolism enhancer
1000mg 3x daily
Stimulant & appetite suppressant
200mg to 400mg up to 3x daily
Green Tea (and extracts)
Metabolism enhancer & appetite suppressant
Up to 1000mg daily

*Vitamin B12 is one nature’s best all-natural sources of energy, and taking exogenous B12 can certainly do wonders for your body. However, its bioavailability leaves much to be desired, so although tablets may be the most inexpensive choice, they are ineffective. You may be able to get B12 injections from your doctor, but if not, sublingual B12 liquid is available, and it is far superior to tablets. Simply use the dropper to place the vitamin under your tongue and hold it there until it has dissolved.

Other Sales Options to Over the Counter Phentermine

Despite the fact that phentermine over the counter is not legal in the US and many other countries, some people have been able to order it from online pharmacies and have it delivered directly to their doors. Again, this is quite risky legally and financially. Not only is it illegal to possess phentermine without a prescription, but it is also a risk because you can’t be certain of what you are buying. Many companies online manufacture counterfeit drugs that look very much like the real thing – and they charge a very real price, as well. The best way to avoid being swindled is to purchase your products from only reputable online vendors.

Because it is a Schedule IV controlled substance in the United States, you can’t buy phentermine over the counter. You may be able to do so if you are willing to travel, but your best option is to get a valid prescription from your doctor or find a suitable phentermine alternative from a reputable company that still provides outstanding results.

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