gallon of water a day

Is a Gallon of Water a Day Good for You?

gallon of water a dayYou’ve no doubt seen them at the gym-those dedicated exercisers carrying a gallon jug of water with them from one piece of equipment to the next. Maybe you’ve thought it strange, or have wondered whether or not a gallon of water a day is too much. Drinking a full gallon of water can actually be helpful, provided it’s done in the right way. Here are some things you should know if you are considering upping your intake.

Recommended Amount of Water

Opinions vary as to how much water the average person should consume each day. However, most experts agree that between 8 and 10 eight-ounce glasses is sufficient for most people. That amount equates to between 68 and 80 ounces, which is between one-half and three-quarters of a gallon. Of course, you will need more water when performing heavy activity or if you are exposed to high heat, in which case a full gallon of water a day would not be excessive.

Helps with Weight Loss

Drinking a gallon of water a day is especially beneficial for anyone trying to lose weight because it provides an effective way to control the appetite. It’s more difficult to overeat when your stomach is already full of water, which means you will probably consume less food at meals. You are also less likely to consume soft drinks because you are concerned about emptying your gallon jug. Some studies also show that drinking lots of water speeds Digestion, making it easier for you to burn the food you do eat.

Other Benefits

Those who regularly consume a gallon of water a day report improved skin tone that includes fewer blemishes and wrinkles, and a reduction in under-eye circles. Water also flushes toxins from the body, which in turn can provide you with greater energy for Working Out. Research from the Harvard School of Public Health also indicates that the risk of bladder cancer is lower among those who regularly consume plenty of water. Some medical experts believe it may also reduce the risk of breast and Colon cancer.

Risk of Over-Hydration

While drinking a gallon of water a day can be helpful, there is a possibility of over-hydration whenever large amounts are consumed at one time. Over-hydration occurs whenever the body consumes more water than the kidneys can eliminate, causing the balance between water and sodium in the blood to be thrown off. This can result in serious conditions such as muscle cramps, nausea, seizures, and unconsciousness. To prevent over-hydration, consume water at intervals throughout the day, and do not force yourself to finish a gallon if you notice adverse symptoms.

When you think about it, drinking a gallon of water a day isn’t all that outrageous, and in fact can provide you with some amazing Health Benefits. Drinking more than the usual amount of water is something you should definitely consider doing if your goal is to Lose Weight and get in better shape.

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