Arm Workouts

Improve Arm Workouts with High Volume Sets

Arm Workouts
If you aren’t seeing growth in your arms or progress in your arm workouts like you’re wanting, it’s more than likely that you’ve hit a plateau. These plateaus are common, especially when a workout routine remains stagnant for any period of time. Break the plateau and finally increase the size of your arms with a different take on the traditional arm workout!

High Volume Sets

If you haven’t seen any progress in a while from your arm workouts, it’s time to change up the amount of sets you are performing. This increase in the volume of work you are doing is a sure way to increase mass, especially in your biceps, which have been shown to respond well to high volume training.

So what exactly is high volume Training? High volume training simply means a high amount of sets, so instead of the typical 3 to 5 sets of work you are performing as much as 9 to 15 sets. The amount of sets you chose to do depends on your training level and goals as well as your body’s ability to recover. When you first begin high volume training you might feel as if you aren’t recovering fast enough before your next high volume session, but give your body a month or so to adapt to the change.

An arm workout built off a few simple Exercises of high volume is a sure plateau breaker, especially in regards to biceps mass.

Lift Heaviest in the First Few Sets

An increase in the number of sets you are performing means there is no way you could end your workout with the same amount of energy you started with. This also means that the potential for a drop in weight to occur is fairly high. With this in mind it’s a good idea to lift your heaviest in the first few sets of your workout. At the beginning of your workout is when you should have the most energy, so put it to good use with a few sets of heavy weight.

The key to going heavy in the first few sets of volume training is to pick the right weight to start with. Though these first few sets will be at the lower end of the rep range, you still want to choose a weight that you can use with proper form. Swinging and using your body’s momentum to complete the exercise will only take away from your progress and your target area, so choosing the right weight at which you can go heavy but with proper form for the designated repetitions is crucial.

Rep Ranges

Research suggests that a target rep scheme of 10 to 12 repetitions is needed to release testosterone as well as growth hormone. However, in order to keep from plateauing, a rep range as low as 6 and as high as 15 will provide the most progress. Training with high volume sets allows you to play with the weight as well as your rep ranges until you find what provides the progress you are looking for.

Don’t Forget Form

No arm workout is complete without the proper flex at the top of each exercise. Instead of just dropping the weight back to the starting position after you’ve reached the top of the movement, try squeezing the muscle. This flex at the top of the exercise gives your muscle the final burn that your arm workouts may be missing. Other reasons your arm workouts may not be as effective as before is lack of form. Remember to isolate the Bicep, tricep, forearm muscles when you work out.

The time has come to break the workout plateau and once again see progress in your arms. An arm workout that focuses on high volume sets, the right rep scheme as well as proper form and technique will provide the best progress in terms of strength, size and mass.

Using a 1 Rep Max Calculator is essential when lifting, for both optimum performance and safety.

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