Body Types

How to Train for your Body Type

Body TypesNo two people respond in the same way to diet and exercise. If you have noticed less-than-desirable results, it could be because your workout is not appropriate for your body type. Here are some tips that will help you adjust your fitness routine accordingly.

Three Basic Body Types

Before you can train for your body type, you must first know what yours is. The three basic body types are:

  • Endomorph, characterized by a short, round body, slow metabolism, and propensity to gain fat easily
  • Ectomorph, which normally involves a long, thin frame and a quick metabolism
  • Mesomorph, a body type that is basically very muscular and athletic in appearance

It may not be obvious which body type best describes you. While Genetics does play a role, it is possible for certain characteristics to change over time, in which case you may display traits of more than one body type. If you are unsure as to which category you fall in, you may use a body type calculator for assistance.

Endomorph Training Tips

Of all the groups, endomorphs are the ones who must be the most conscious about what they eat. Those classified as endomorphs should strictly monitor their caloric intake to ensure they take in only what is necessary. Even so, starvation diets are not recommended, as they tend to slow the metabolism even further. When it comes to working out, the primary focus for endomorphs should be on Cardiovascular exercise to help speed the metabolism and shed fat. That doesn’t mean strength Training should be ignored-endomorphs should still perform short weight-training workouts two to three times each week.

Ectomorph Training Tips

To gain adequate muscle mass, ectomorphs should focus a great deal on strength training. Pay particular attention to the legs by performing Exercises that strengthen the glutes and quads. Ectomorphs must consume the right number of calories each day, while also ensuring the foods they eat contain adequate Nutrition. Approximately 0.6 to 0.8 grams of protein per pound of body weight is ideal. Some experts recommend eating small meals or consuming a protein shake approximately every three hours.

Mesomorph Training Tips

To maintain their natural athletic build, mesomorphs must include a combination of strength training and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in their workout plan. Focusing too much on strength training will cause these individuals to gain more fat than they desire, even if they are the ideal body weight. Interval training that includes a combination of aerobic activity and strength training is ideal as well.  After age 40, mesomorphs may need to decrease their caloric intake somewhat in order to compensate for a slightly lower metabolism.

To achieve the best possible results, you must train for your body type. Knowing what your body type is will also help you set realistic goals so that you do not become discouraged with your workout routine. Not every body type is conducive to bulking up, but that doesn’t mean you cannot become fit and healthy regardless.

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