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How To Take Anavar – Times, Cycles And Dosages

An oral steroid that is very, very popular for cutting cycles. Because men and women alike tolerate it well, it’s also one of the most popular steroids of all time. 

In order to get the most from your cycles, it’s important to learn when and how to take Anavar? Here’s everything you need to know about dosage, cycling, and post-cycle therapy to get the most out of your cycle. 

The Best Times to Take Anavar

Not very well suited for large gains in men, but it is very popular among men who do not tolerate other steroids well or who are happy with slower, more sustainable gains. For this reason, it is most commonly used in cutting cycles.

It helps to preserve muscle, which allows men to cut calories and implement cardio without fear of muscle loss. However, in women, it is a fantastic (and relatively safe) compound that can be used For Bulking or cutting, depending on the dosage. 

If you are concerned about when to take Anavar, most users claim that dividing it into two doses throughout the day is the best course of action because it helps to maintain a steady concentration in the bloodstream. Others find that taking the dose all at once about 30 minutes prior to their workouts is best because it provides a tremendous strength and stamina boost. 

In truth, it’s a matter of personal opinion and what works best for you. It doesn’t matter how to take Anavar in this regard as long as you don’t exceed recommended daily doses either way.

Common Dosage

Dosage ranges from very small to relatively large based on factors like gender, individual tolerance, and even the reason for using it.

Men – Men who are taking during a cutting cycle will typically start out at a dose of 50mg per day.

Personal reviews suggest that 30mg per day is the minimum dosage at which a man will see results, and 80mg per day is the maximum dose at which the benefits continue to outweigh the risk of Anavar side effects.

When it comes to bulking, men typically use a dosage right around 100mg per day, which can cause undesirable side effects. For bulking there are better options. it is best used for strength or cutting goals.

Women – Women who are taking during a cutting cycle often find that 10mg per day is really all they ever need.

In fact, women seem to get the most benefit from since it is so easily tolerated. For bulking, women may take up to 20mg per day, but virilization is a possibility at this dose, so it’s important to watch for the development of male characteristics and stop using the steroid if they develop.

GoalAverage Daily Dose for MenAverage Daily Dose for Women

*Some men report taking as much as 120mg per day, and some women say they have used as much as 40mg per day safely.

It is important to note that, in the case of men, it is safer to use a different bulking steroid (like Dianabol) than to take such a large dose. Women should see gains at 20mg daily doses, especially when paired with a solid diet and exercise plan.Oxandrolone Pills

Creating a Successful Stack

Part of learning about and being successful with it involves also learning how and when to stack it. Women may not need to stack at all considering how well their bodies respond; alone it can help them realize massive gains. 

Men, on the other hand, will have more success with Var when they pair it up with a second steroid that is designed for their unique goals. For example, when cutting, stacking with something like Equipoise is always a great choice.

When bulking, Trenbolone can provide rather slow, but quality gains. Men should always stack with Testosterone, too, to counteract the natural suppression of testosterone caused by anabolic steroids in general. 

The testosterone ester does not matter as long as the dosage and timing is correct. The only exception to this rule is when men use high dosage for a very short cycle of about four weeks. Testosterone supplements aren’t required in this case, but PCT certainly is. 

Proper Cycling

Part of learning about taking this steroid involves coming up with the right cycle. This can vary greatly depending on the results you expect, your gender, and your tolerance.

Women using it for bulking or cutting often opt to do so in very short cycles with short breaks between. For example, many women choose to cycle for two weeks, then take two weeks off, and cycle for another two weeks indefinitely so long as they watch for side effects.

Otherwise, women may also choose to use for six to eight weeks in a row, but they should take breaks between cycles equal to the cycle length. Men’s cycles are a bit different in that they should also use testosterone.

Keep in mind that it does suppress natural testosterone production, so adding testosterone to the cycle helps ward off side effects associated with that. As far as cycle lengths go, it’s best for men to stick to six weeks, then take a break for three to four weeks before starting another cycle.

Oral steroids, are hepatotoxic. Giving your body a break between short cycles helps to counteract this. When Anavar can be taken safely

When to take Anavar and Post-Cycle Therapy

Usage can and does halt the production of endogenous testosterone, so following a cycle, it’s important for men to stimulate that production once again. This is where SERMs, or Selective Estrogen Reuptake Modulators, come into play. 

They help to stimulate the production of LH, or luteinizing hormone, which is responsible for telling the testicles to produce more testosterone. You should use 40mg of Clomid or 150mg of Nolvadex daily for two weeks, then divide that dosage in half and continue for another two weeks.

If you used a short-estered version of testosterone, start your PCT three days after your last dosage. If you used a long-estered version of testosterone, start 10 days following your last dose.

When it comes to Anavar for women, PCT is not as much of a concern because they are not as dependent on natural testosterone production for their overall health. Their bodies will recover far more quickly, as well. 

Women who want to know how it can be taken without experiencing side effects post-cycle can always taper their dosage down for the last week. This will help them avoid the sudden hormonal changes and possibly negate things like Fatigue or mood changes.

Both sexes may also find that HGH is a great part of PCT as it helps them maintain their gains and/or muscle definition long after the cycle is over. This is only beneficial if you used HGH on-cycle, though, since it takes so long to build up in your body.

Men should use a dose between 2IU and 4IU daily during their cycles and for at least three to six months total. Women will only need 1IU to 2IU daily for the same length of time. 

As you can see, learning how to take Anavar isn’t difficult at all, though you will need to find your individual “sweet spot” as far as tolerance is concerned. Not everyone can tolerate the higher dosages well, and not everyone will see results with the lower dosages.

Cycle your Anavar correctly and make sure you’re using the right PCT, and you’re sure to get the results you want.

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