Andriol Cycle – Get The Most From Yours

Testosterone Undecanoate, is a long-estered, injectable form of synthetic testosterone with a very long half-life when compared to other testosterone esters like propionate or even enanthate. 

Although it is most commonly used to maintain normal testosterone levels during cycles with more potent steroids, it is very possible to utilize an Andriol cycle for decent gains – especially for beginners.

Tip #1 – Work with the Half-Life, Not Against It

Testosterone Undecanoate has a very long half-life that ranges from 16 to 20 days on average to as long as eight weeks depending on the supplier. For instance, Bayer makes an injectable form that lasts an average of 72 days in the body.

The longer the ester, the longer it takes for the body to make use of the parent compound. As such, you will not see immediate results from an Andriol cycle, and you should always pair with another short-estered compound to reap the benefits.

In fact, you can tailor your dosing during your cycle in a way that works right alongside the half-life. Because it lasts so long, you won’t need to take it multiple times a day, or even daily. 

In fact, some people who use in its injectable form use it only once each week, which is certainly more convenient than regular daily or every-other-day injections. For oral, daily dosing often works best due to its limited bioavailability and differing molecular structure. The chart below shows the average daily dose based on goals.

Your GoalsAverage Daily DoseCycle Length
Hormone Replacement
Indefinite – 12+ weeks
On-Cycle Testosterone Supplement
Up to 12 weeks
*Advanced Bulking
Up to 12 weeks

It is not the best solution for even moderately experienced steroid users interested in adding bulk. Even at large doses, which can become costly, its potential to add mass is quite limited.

Tip #2 – Cycle with Proviron or Something Like It

Proviron is one of the absolute best stacks because it does not aromatize and it allows all of the testosterone you take to remain free-flowing. The free Testosterone offered up is what helps to build muscle. 

An Andriol cycle, even with Proviron, will not produce the same gains you can achieve from products like Dbol or Anavar, but it can and almost certainly will give you smaller, higher-quality gains over time. 

Unlike Dianabol and Anavar, the gains are easier to keep and the side effects are much, much milder. In fact, a Proviron stack is a wonderful place for a beginner to start his or her experience with anabolic steroids. 

Remember, though, that you must pair your cycle with the appropriate diet and workout plan in order to see results. Any gains you realize will be relatively small, but with the right PCT and a continued healthy lifestyle, you can maintain them for years to come.Andriol Cycle

Tip #3 – Plan for Eight to Twelve Week Andriol Cycle

An Andriol cycle takes a while to work, so using it for four to six weeks is not going to give you any results. Your Andriol cycle should be a minimum of eight to twelve weeks in order for you to see any results at all. 

What’s more, it is best to acquire all of the product you will need to complete your cycle long before you start. To determine how much you will need, remember that it comes in 40mg capsules and you will need between 120mg and 240mg per day.

As an example, assume you want to take 120mg per day for eight weeks. You will need three capsules per day, or 21 capsules per week. This equals a grand total of 168 capsules to complete your cycle. 

When planning a cycle, remember that you can always front-load with a powerful oral steroid such as Dianabol or even Anadrol, in very short periods, so by taking one of these for about four weeks, right alongside, and then continuing for another four to six weeks, you will see bigger, better gains.Andriol Cycles

Tip #4 – Diet and Exercise

Because an Andriol cycle is quite mild and the compound has limited bioavailability, you will need to create a perfectly-executed diet and Exercise plan that will give the additional testosterone in your body the building blocks it needs to build solid muscle. 

For the most part, you should consider a diet that is high in Protein for muscle building but contains moderate amounts of carbs and fat for energy. Your exercise will vary based on your goals, whether you choose to use lower reps with more sets for strength, higher reps and fewer sets for Hypertrophy, or circuit training for endurance. Testosterone, improves nitrogen retention in the muscles and thereby helps boost your overall strength and stamina.

Tip #5 – The Right Supplements

It does aromatize in the body, so it is vital that you plan for this accordingly. Aromatization is the process in which the aromatase enzyme binds to free testosterone (and testosterone-like hormones) and converts them into estrogen.

Too much estrogen in your body can lead to unwanted side effects, including things like fatigue, mood swings, and even Gynecomastia. Aromatase inhibitors will block the aromatization process, thereby mitigating your risk.

Though Aromasin and Letrozole will do the job, most people prefer 0.5mg of Arimidex every other day during their cycles. This compound is very mild, attainable, and affordable.

You will also need to remember to plan for post-cycle therapy, or PCT, if you want to maintain your results after an Andriol cycle. Because it will suppress your body’s natural testosterone production, you will need to give your body some support post-cycle so it can begin producing testosterone once again. SERMs, or selective estrogen receptor modulators, are required. 

Clomid and Nolvadex both provide the same benefits – they not only stimulate the production of testosterone, but they also block the effects of estrogen, which is often high at the end of your cycle. A very mild form of testosterone booster and a great choice for those who are new to anabolic steroids for performance enhancement.

Although an Andriol cycle cannot (and never will) make you look like Arnold, it is certainly a great place to start if you want to add lean muscle mass.

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