How to Feel Better

How to Feel Better About Yourself

Learning how to feel better about yourself is the first step in improving your overall wellbeing. Healthy self-esteem doesn’t come from others; it comes from overcoming your own fears, making up for perceived shortcomings, and even turning anxiety and doubt into happiness and surety. Here are seven ways to feel better about yourself starting today.

#1 – Challenge Yourself with Physical Exercise

Exercise is a great way to improve your overall wellbeing. While the physical results of your workout routine may not be apparent for weeks, the psychological effects are immediate. Exercise leads to the production and release of feel-good hormones like serotonin and dopamine, both of which leave you feeling happier and more content.

#2 – Eat the Right Foods

Many studies suggest that foods high in Omega-3s, including walnuts, fish, canola oil, and Flaxseed, can help you fight off any sad or depressed feelings you might have. What’s more, fruits like pineapples, plantains, plums, kiwis, oranges, and even tomatoes can help boost serotonin levels just like exercise does.

#3 – Face Your Fears

Although directly facing something that leaves you anxious sounds scary, there’s no way to duplicate the feeling you get when you overcome it. For example, if the thought of public speaking leaves you unable to speak, practice for a while and give a speech in front of your friends and family. You will learn that your fears don’t control you.

#4 – Do a Good Deed

If you want to learn how to feel better about yourself, you must also be able to fight any of your own perceived shortcomings. Doing good deeds for others is a selfless act, and one that can offer a huge boost to your overall self-esteem. Montaigne, a notable philosopher who lived during the French Renaissance, said, “…such a natural pleasure is very beneficial to us; it is the only payment that can never fail.”

#5 – Make and Keep a Resolution

How to Feel Better

Learning how to feel better about yourself is also all about sticking to commitments you make to yourself. For this reason, making and keeping a resolution can provide a huge boost. Your resolution could be as simple as making the bed each morning, or it could be as complex as running three miles each evening. Whichever you choose, make sure your resolution is realistic.

#6 – Understand that Disappointment Is a Part of Life

All too often, people do not get the results they expected, or other people let them down. Everyone – including the most successful people in the world – has had to learn to overcome this disappointment. To start, think about why you are disappointed and pinpoint your emotion, whether it is fear, anger, sadness, or any other. Then, find a way to take action to turn that negative emotion into a positive one.

#7 – Trust Yourself

Finally, learning how to feel better about yourself is also about learning to trust yourself. You have an inner conscience for a reason, and chances are good that you are smart enough to figure out what to do no matter how many curveballs you are thrown. If at any time you feel unsure of the answer, just give yourself some time and be patient.

Learning how to feel better about yourself does take some time, and it requires your personal attention. However, when you remember to take care of both your physical and your mental self, wellbeing and happiness just seem to fall into place.

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