How to Cut Fat

How to Cut Fat and Maintain Muscle Naturally

How to Cut FatJust because you lose weight does not mean you are shedding fat and not muscle. Knowing how to cut fat and keep muscle is important if you are to maintain the toned, fit look you desire.

Enjoy Cardio Upon Waking

Performing cardiovascular exercise first thing in the morning and before eating breakfast will help you optimize your fat burning capabilities. Insulin levels are lowest when you awaken, and there is also less glucose in your bloodstream. This means fat must be burned in order to provide you with energy. Lipase, an enzyme responsible for releasing fat cells, is fully active in the morning, another factor that ensures optimum fat burning.

Perform Strength Training Often

While Cardiovascular exercise will help you lose fat, it will do very little to help you build or maintain muscle. As such, weight Training at least three times per week is needed in order to provide you with an adequate amount of lean muscle. An added benefit is that muscle burns more calories than fat, meaning you will be better able to maintain your ideal weight over the long haul.

Watch your Carbohydrate Intake

If you would like to know how to cut fat, one of the best ways is to consume carbohydrates only when you need them. On non-cardio days, you may enjoy carbohydrates upon waking to provide you with enough energy to start your day. On strength-training days, consume a few carbohydrates just before and immediately after your workout. During the day, take in approximately 25-35 grams of carbohydrates at each meal, and make every effort to ensure they are vegetable-based carbs whenever possible.

Enjoy Casein Protein Before Bed

Around an hour before going to bed at night, enjoy a casein protein shake. Casein protein aids with Recovery, ensuring you retain as much muscle fiber as possible. The number of calories in a casein protein shake is relatively minimal, meaning that drinking one close to bedtime should not cause you to gain an excessive amount of weight. Even so, if you already have a very sluggish metabolism, you may need to cut back on your caloric intake throughout the day or increase your activity level somewhat.

Take a Fish Oil Supplement

When learning how to cut fat, many people are surprised to learn that fish oil plays a vital role. Fish oil increases your sensitivity to carbohydrates, allowing you to use more of them for energy. As such, your body is less likely to store them as fat. Fish oil also stimulates the PPAR-delta receptor, which activates certain genes inside your muscle cells that then cause you To Burn Fat. Around three to six grams per day is recommended to achieve the right balance of fat loss.

Knowing how to cut fat will help you ensure healthy weight loss and a higher level of physical fitness. As with any weight loss program, a healthy diet and regular exercise is important if you are to become firmer, leaner, and stronger.

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