Conjugated linoleic acid weight loss

How Do Conjugated Linoleic Acid Weight Loss Pills Work?

With all of the products out there that claim to help you shed fat while maintaining hard-earned muscle mass, it’s hard to know which ones are right for you. Sometimes, it’s all about understanding what they do and how they work. Here, we’ll take a look at Conjugated Linoleic Acid weight loss pills, what they do, and what you can expect.

What Is CLA?

Conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA, is an omega-6 fatty acid that is found in meat and dairy products. Unlike the saturated fats found in these products, the omega-6 fatty acids are very good for you, and they benefit you in a number of ways. Not only can they help you lose weight, but they can also help build muscle, provide stamina, improve your heart health, boost your immunity, and improve your overall wellbeing.

CLA is only present in meat and dairy in tiny amounts Conjugated linoleic acid weight loss pills are necessary. You would need to consume thousands upon thousands of calories, along with a significant amount of animal fat, in order to gain the benefits of a single dose of a CLA supplement.

Two Main Mechanisms

CLA helps you lose weight in two very different ways.

  • It blocks lipoprotein lipase. Your body requires a specific enzyme called lipoprotein lipase to move fats from the bloodstream into your adipose tissue. The more lipoprotein lipase in your body, the more fats your adipose tissue can effectively extract from your blood. CLA inhibits the action of this enzyme, which means your adipose tissue stops absorbing fat and your fat cells actually shrink.
  • It stimulates the production of Carnitine palmitoyltransferase. Your muscles use many different types of compounds for energy, and omega-6 fatty acids are one of them. CLA boosts the production and efficiency of an enzyme called carnitine palmitoyltransferase, which is required to move fatty acids from the bloodstream into the mitochondria of muscle cells where it can be used as energy.

Because CLA effectively keeps your fat cells from growing and fuels your muscles at the same time, it works better the longer you take it. The more your muscles can work, the stronger they get, and the faster your metabolism gets. In turn, a fast metabolism burns more calories and improves protein synthesis. This is what changes your entire body composition. CLA reviews express that it should be taken for at least 12 weeks to see results.

What this Means for You

Conjugated linoleic acid weight lossIf it seems like you just can’t get rid of that last bit of body fat no matter what you do, and you’re afraid that cutting calories will lead to muscle wasting, then conjugated linoleic acid weight loss pills may be right for you. They have been clinically proven to shrink adipose tissue and improve muscle quality at the same time. In fact, newer clinical trials even suggest that CLA might stimulate lipolysis, or the process through which your body breaks down stored fats.

Conjugated linoleic acid weight loss is certainly possible, and it works best when you pair it with the right diet and exercise plan. It is fast-acting, which means you’ll notice results in as little as two weeks. However, the longer you use it, the more efficiently it works.

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