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Here are the Best Gym Clothes that Actually Help You Perform Better

best gym clothesAsk five different people what the best gym clothes are, and you’ll likely get five different answers. Some people will work out in a t-shirt and cargo shorts while others come in with an entire ensemble, complete with matching shoes, shorts, and head band. Fashion aside, the best gym clothes are the ones that will help you maximize your workout efforts. A selection of these items is discussed below.

Workout Shoes

Of all the different Best Gym clothes, shoes are probably the most important. They can not only help you improve performance, but keep your feet and ankles healthy and injury-free. However, just what shoes you should wear will be completely dependent on your workouts and your training goals.

For example, Converse are a favorite among powerlifters because they have a flat sole and allow for good footing. If you’re planning on front squatting or Olympic lifting, you really need some sort of Olympic lifting shoe with a solid heel. If you’re a distance runner, then you’ll want a good pair of fitting running shoes. And if you do a little bit of everything, a good pair of cross trainers would fit the bill.

Don’t Forget the Socks

While many know that the right shoes are important, they underestimate the effect the right type of socks can provide. You not only want socks that are going to be comfortable, but absorb moisture and keep your feet dry as this helps prevent blisters and athlete’s foot. A good pair of socks will also provide sufficient friction inside the shoe, allowing it to “hold” your foot snugly when fitted properly.

Temperature-Based Shirts, Shorts and Pants

Any good workout will be preceded by a proper warmup to elevate core temperature and reduce the risk of injury. The best gym clothes will then help you keep your core temperature where it should be. Properly designed cotton sweatshirts and sweatpants will not only keep your warm during the colder months, but still allow your body to “breathe” properly when Sweating.

Conversely, some of the “moisture wicking” summer wear on the market not only helps keep your body dry, but also radiates heat. This is helpful as it can prevent heat-related calamities (e.g. – heat exhaustion) by keeping your body cool(er) when it’s hot out.

Knee and Elbow Sleeves

Though maybe these are more properly classified as “best gym accessories” rather than “best gym clothes”, they can still be a massive boon to your workout. By wearing well-fitted sleeves on your knees and elbows, you ensure that not only will your joints stay warm during a workout, but that they also always have proper support. Many older lifters who have abused their bodies with years of intense workouts find that this sort of thing allows them to keep training hard without pain.

The best gym clothes don’t have to be fancy or in line with the latest fashion trends – they just have to work. Whether it’s the proper socks and shoes for your particular style of training, sleeves to help keep your joints healthy, or even just shirts and shorts / pants that keep hot when it’s cool and cool when it’s hot, wearing the right clothing can help you train harder, avoid injury, and even perform better.

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