glutamine powder vs. capsules

Glutamine Powder vs. Capsules

glutamine powder vs. capsulesAsk someone whether you should use glutamine powder vs. capsules, and you’ll soon agree that the jury is still out. People have their own beliefs when it comes to which is best. Here, we’ll take a look at the top four considerations to make when deciding between powder and capsules so that you can make better buying decisions.

#1 – The Expense

First things first, it’s important to think about how much your supplement is going to cost. If you compare Glutamine powder vs. capsules of the same high quality side-by-side, you’ll notice one very distinct difference – capsules will cost significantly more than powder. This is because the manufacturer incurs extra expenses (though very little) to procure the capsules. The majority of the higher cost comes from the fact that it takes more manufacturing time, equipment, and labor to create the capsules. Athletes who post to online forums always recommend powders, if only for your wallet.

#2 – The Convenience

Another reason why so many people choose glutamine powder vs. capsules has to do with convenience. They need to take 5g of glutamine per day, and they can simply add it to a little warm water or juice. Some people even add their glutamine directly to their protein shakes in order to get the “double whammy” energy enhancement. This just makes things easier for many people; there’s no need to consume a protein shake and then pop a handful of pills on top of it.

#3 – The Bioavailability

The bioavailability of glutamine powder vs. capsules is the absolute best reason to choose the powder supplement. If you’ve ever crushed an aspirin tablet in order to get quick relief from a headache, then you understand how this works. Your body does not have to work as hard to digest a powder; there’s no capsule that needs to dissolve, and the powder can begin to disperse the second it hits your stomach. It enters the intestines more quickly, which is where your body will absorb the amino acids and send them on a course to exactly where they’re needed. If you want a fast Energy Boost that lasts and lasts, then powder is the only way to go.

#4 – Personal Preference

Finally, some people just prefer one form of glutamine over the other. For example, someone who prefers the powder may say it’s cheaper and it makes dosing simpler. They also claim that taking four to six large pills each day is bothersome. On the other hand, someone who prefers capsules may claim that they do not enjoy drinking the thick liquid created by glutamine powder (even though you can dilute it to your preference as long as you consume it immediately). In some cases, it’s all about personal preference and what people prefer.

When it comes to deciding on glutamine powder vs. capsules, it’s important to keep in mind what you can afford and what you would prefer. If you want the highest quality product with the best bioavailability for the least amount of money, then you should definitely choose the powdered product.

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