Tereza Nedvedova

Feel Empowered by Training with Tereza Nedvedova

Personal Trainer Showcase
Name: Tereza Nedvedova
Age: 31
Location: Luxembourg & Prague
Website: www.athletic-center.lu

Why did you become a personal fitness trainer?

Tereza NedvedovaMany years ago, I was overweight and wanted to change that. I found a personal trainer, who unfortunately wasn’t properly qualified and misjudged my abilities. I decided to go my own way. I started studying nutrition, fitness, the different types of Exercises, anatomy, how muscles work and how to regenerate them. I managed to lose 20kg and fitness became not just my hobby, but my lifestyle. From this experience, I decided to help others with any problems related to their weight and body so they could feel good again.

What does personal fitness mean to you?

To me Personal Fitness means, feeling and looking food, being healthy, feeling strong and empowered. It’s about meeting that new somebody, the new me – the stronger, better, healthier version of myself. Each day I work out there are different motivators, but they always fall into one of the aforementioned categories.

What are your own fitness goals?

My goals are pretty straight forward. I want to feel healthier, stronger and gain more confidence.

What are the most common mistakes you see people doing in the gym?

There are many mistakes that I see often in the Gym:

1) Between sets people often just sit on the machines. This mistake happens to more than 70% of the people who train. It’s important to have an active Rest between sets. This could be as simple as walking, stretching or hydrating. This will also help to prevent your muscles from cooling down before the next set.

2) Many people don’t eat after exercising. Why? There will be catabolism of muscle as the body reaches into the ‘storehouse’ of muscles and start to burn them.

3) Some make the mistake of Training hungry which isn’t great for energy, or right after eating while it’s still digesting. Try to eat around an hour before training.

4) A lot of people perform cardio for too long a period – believing that if they run like crazy for two hours they will burn more fat. This is a mistake as they are going to start burning muscle. After some time glycogen runs out and your body begins to make energy by burning muscles. This is not necessary. Don’t overdo anything, just an hour or so is enough in the gym.

Do you have a particular routine or workout plan you like your clients to follow?

I help most of my clients clients to lose fat. Therefore a lot of my training programs involve circuit training which focuses on the heart rate and keeping it in the burning zone. Of course, each client is different so I adjust the style of training according to goals and needs.

What do you get asked most often as a trainer?

The majority of my clients are ladies and all of them have the same question – if I start to train and lift weights will I look like Rambo? Why can’t I just Do Cardio and avoid weights? Many women are scared to have muscles, but they should know they won’t get bulky or masculine if they train naturally due to the way our bodies work.

What practical advice do you give people just starting out?

I think one of the biggest tips I can give people just starting out is to focus on short term or simple goals. Once these are achieved, they can focus on the long term. It’s also important to make goals realistic and achievable in order to avoid becoming frustrated.

How do you keep your clients motivated?

I set them short and long term goals. I am also always talking to them – one mistake that many personal trainers make is to fail to keep up a good rapport. I also try to make each workout different and exciting so that clients can look forward to the next session. And of course, I’m always positive.

And, how do you keep yourself motivated?

My Motivation is my boyfriend, and people in the gym who are great at maintaining their muscular physiques. I also like to see my personal before and after photos on occasion which motivates me to keep training and avoid eating something bad. The photos remind me of the long and hard road I’ve taken to get the body I now have and continue to work for.

Finally, what’s your favorite cheat day food?

When I allow myself to have a cheat meal, I just find the biggest hamburger with all the toppings and eat it all! We live just once and if you don’t cheat om your diet very often, you won’t put on weight. I know my body and that’s the most important thing.

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