The HGH used in treatments today is a wonder hormone, for sure, but in order to get the most out of it, you need to carefully plan your HGH cycle. While some people certainly use it indefinitely at very low doses to enjoy the anti-aging benefits, bodybuilders often use it at higher doses and, as such, must plan a careful HGH cycle.

Cycle With or Without AAS?

The first thing to do is decide whether you want to use growth hormones alone or with an anabolic steroid. You can certainly pair it up with your favourite bulking or cutting agent, or you can use it alone if you want a milder, subtler effect. When you use for performance enhancement, doses will range from 2iu per day up to as much as 8iu per day.

For example, if you want to add solid muscle over time but you do not want to add an anabolic steroid to your stack, you would take between 6iu and 8iu during your cycle, and you would likely use it for between 12 and 16 weeks. Conversely, if you pair it up with something like Deca Durabolin, you would only need to take between 2iu and 4iu a day.

Reasons to Consider Growth Hormone

Before you start to cycle, it’s important to consider your ultimate goal and when you’d like to achieve it. Note it is a slow-acting hormone, and it does take some time to see any results

If you want to build mass quickly, or if you need to burn body fat while maintaining your existing mass before a competition, then growth hormones may not be right for you. Your cycle dosage will vary based on your needs, as well.

The table below shows some of the reasons people choose human growth hormone and the average doses for those goals. Bear in mind that the doses used in medical settings are quite high.

Doctors will prescribe high-dose for very short cycles in order to speed healing in patients who have serious traumatic Injuries or significant burns.

GoalDaily Dose Range (Men)Daily Dose Range (Women)How it Works
1IU to 2IU
0.5IU to 1IU
Boosts cellular regeneration
Strength & Wellbeing
2IU to 4IU
1IU to 2IU
Enhances metabolism and protein synthesis
Muscle Gains
4IU to 8IU
2IU to 4IU
Improves protein synthesis and speeds recovery
Medical Treatment
8IU to 16IU
6IU to 12IU
High doses significantly speed cellular regeneration rates and assist in healing

Cycle at Optimal Lengths

Something else to consider when you plan your cycle is how long you will actually continue to use the product. Experts recommend using it for at least 16 weeks, but some professionals say that using it too long can lead to some HGH side effects like growth of the hands, feet, head, and internal organs.

With all of this in mind, it is safe to assume that if you are going to use anything more than 2iu per day, with or without an anabolic steroid stack, it is best to stick to a 16-week cycle.

Be sure that you follow safety guidelines for the anabolic steroid you choose, too.for bulking

Using Cycles During PCT

However, because the growth hormones takes time to build up in your system, you should start using it four weeks before your HGH cycle ends, at a minimum.

Then, continue using it for at least another four weeks (ideally 12 weeks minimum overall) after your last dose of steroids to make sure that your growth hormone levels are at the minimums required for recovery. A four- to six-week cycle for PCT does no good.

Things to Watch For During Cycles

During your cycle, you are not likely to notice many adverse effects. In fact, most people seem to tolerate their cycles very well, even at high doses.

However, there are some things to keep an eye on as you go. Many people who use a high-dose report high blood pressure, so make sure that you check it often and lower your dose if you start to see a problem.

What’s more, your hands and feet may grow abnormally, so if you start noticing that your shoes do not fit the same, you may need to back off. Larger hands and feet are also good indicators of an enlarged heart, which can be dangerous.Cycles dosages

Who Should NOT Use Growth Hormones?

While HGH cycles are considered safe for otherwise healthy individuals when it is used responsibly, it is important to keep in mind that you should not use it if you have any chronic or underlying medical conditions, or if you take certain types of prescription and OTC medications.

Do not start an HGH cycle if you:

Have (or have had) cancer.

Some studies suggest that it may increase your risk of certain types of cancer, so if you have ever had cancer or if there’s a chance you may have cancer now, you should not use it.

You may also choose to avoid it if you have significant risk factors.

Have diabetes.

It can impact your body’s insulin response, so if you have diabetes, or if you have the risk factors for diabetes, you should not use this product.

Have carpal-tunnel syndrome.

It can affect your body’s tendons, ligaments, joints, and Nerve sheaths, including the carpal tunnel. As a result, if you have carpal-tunnel (or similar syndromes), Growth Hormone may worsen these.

Have any kind of heart condition. It has been shown to cause an enlargement of the heart in some people, so if you have any kind of cardiac-related conditions, an HGH cycle is not right for you.

Have high blood pressure.

Human growth hormones can increase your blood pressure, so you should not use it if you have high blood pressure or if you take a daily maintenance medicine to keep your pressure within normal limits.

Have any other health condition.

If you have any kind of health condition at all, you should speak to your doctor and your pharmacist about the safety and the potential for drug interactions. In a nutshell, a HGH cycle is fairly safe as long as you use the product responsibly.

Taking more than you should for longer than you should may bring about some adverse effects, just like any other drug or supplement out there today.

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