Bodybuilding Myths

Don’t be Fooled by these Bodybuilding Myths

Bodybuilding MythsWhen trying to gain muscle, it can be difficult to determine what is good information and what isn’t. Here are a few bodybuilding myths you should be aware of.

#1. Train to Muscle Failure

Muscle failure is the point at which you are incapable of performing even one more repetition. There is actually no evidence to suggest that doing so will provide you with greater muscle gains. Research performed by Dr. Mikel Izquierdo of Spain showed that training to muscle failure during every set increased resting levels of cortisol, a catabolic hormone, while suppressing anabolic growth factors. The results of this research show that Training to muscle failure could actually inhibit long-term gains, making it one of the most counterproductive Bodybuilding myths out there.

#2. Work out More Often to Gain Bigger Muscles

Muscles are not actually built during a workout, but rather during the Recovery phase. As such, if you train your muscles too often, they will not have adequate time to heal, in which case you may notice zero gains. In addition, you may also increase your risk of injury because tired muscles are more prone to tearing. To ensure you are not overworking your muscles, alternate between cardio and strength training and avoid exercising any one particular muscle group on two consecutive days.

#3. Women and Men Should Train Differently

Women often fall prey to one of the most common bodybuilding myths, which is that females must train differently than males to avoid becoming bulky. The fact is that men have higher levels of testosterone in their bodies, and this is primarily what causes muscle gain. There is actually very little difference between male and female muscle tissue, so women do not need to worry about appearing masculine. Women can perform the same Exercises and the same number of repetitions as men.

You should Rest 45 Seconds in Between Reps

Lactic acid builds up in the muscles whenever you perform heavy lifting. When lactic acid is present in the muscle fibers, it can inhibit your ability to perform subsequent sets. Approximately two to three minutes in between sets is needed whenever you are lifting heavy weights in order to allow enough time for the muscles to fully recuperate and lactic acid levels to return to normal. Some studies have even shown that 5 minutes rest between sets is beneficial. A practical way to do this is to use supersets targeting different muscle groups or sub groups so you keep up the heart rate, but allow muscles to recuperate.

You can Lose Fat from Certain Parts of the Body by Performing Exercises for that Part

One of the biggest bodybuilding myths of all time involves spot reduction. The truth is that whenever you work out, you burn fat in all areas of your body, and not just the one that is working. Your genetic makeup will determine where this fat is released from first, and there is nothing you can do to change this. As such, if you want to reduce certain areas, you must make a conscious effort to reduce your overall body fat percentage.

These are just a few of the most common bodybuilding myths out there. Before beginning a bodybuilding regimen, you should carefully check any information you are given in order to dispel fact from fiction.

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