does Capsiplex work

Does Capsiplex Work as a Diet Pill?

does Capsiplex workCapsiplex is a weight loss supplement, and a popular one, at that. It’s very common in the UK and the US, and even celebrities have claimed to have used it with a great deal of success. People who want to lose weight often stumble across Capsiplex through a search engine or from the advice of a friend. Most have one very simple question – does Capsiplex work as a diet pill?

The Main Ingredient

Although Capsiplex contains four ingredients that are designed to work together to prime your body for weight loss, the main ingredient is called capsicum. Capsicum is the term given to spicy red peppers, and they have been used for medical purposes, including the treatment of digestive issues, for many centuries. The active ingredient in Capsicum is capsaicin, which makes the pepper spicy. You’ll find capsaicin in a number of topical creams designed to provide relief from muscle pain, too; it’s the ingredient that warms your skin and provides relief.

Just as capsaicin can cause your mouth to Warm Up, and just as it can provide relief from the pain of overworked muscles with heat, it can also utilize that heat on the inside of your body. When you ingest capsaicin, it creates a thermogenic response. Essentially, your core body temperature rises slightly, which will boost your metabolism in turn. So, does Capsiplex work as a diet pill? Absolutely. The capsaicin has been clinically proven to work.

University of Oklahoma Study

Most people who ask the question, “Does Capsiplex work?” want solid, irrefutable proof. Like most natural diet supplements, because the FDA doesn’t regulate them, clinical studies are few and far between. In fact, there have been no scientific studies to determine whether capsaicin can increase metabolism or if it could be a safe, long-term treatment for obesity. However, a small-scale study at the University of Oklahoma shed some light on the efficacy of Capsiplex.

A total of 25 people were given either Capsiplex or a placebo, and were then asked to exercise. Researchers monitored the amount of energy they used, their heart rates, and their oxygen consumption for an hour before exercising, the hour during the exercise, and then another 50 minutes after exercising. The exercise studied was a comfortable, yet brisk Walk on a treadmill.

At the end of the study, the researchers were shocked by the results. The people who took the Capsiplex burned three times more calories before they exercised, 3% more calories while they exercised, and 12 times more calories in the time after they finished walking on the treadmill. All in all, that’s an average of 278 more calories burned than the participants who took the placebo.

Does Capsiplex work as a diet pill? Theoretically, it certainly should. The higher your body temperature, the faster your body can metabolize food and nutrients. The only studies on Capsiplex have been very small, but the results are promising and show the tremendous difference that Capsiplex can make when it comes to shedding unwanted pounds.

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