Testosterone Boosters – Do They Really Work?

The vast majority of men experience symptoms of Low T as they age. After age 30, natural production slows down, and things like increased body fat, lower sex drive, and even fatigue can set in. As such, millions of men purchase testosterone boosters. The question still remains: do test boosters for sale online work?

When To Consider Testosterone Boosters?

According to many reputable sources, including the Mayo Clinic, Replacement therapy can help improve the health and wellbeing of men suffering from hypogonadism – a condition in which the male body no longer produces the bodies needs on its own.

However, with so much focus on the safety of synthetic, many men turn to natural test boosters instead. The majority of these contain a herb called tribulus terrestris, which has been used for centuries to treat low libido and other symptoms of hypogonadism.T booster

What Is Tribulus Terrestris?

Tribulus is a herb that you can find in a variety of over-the-counter products designed to “promote male health”. It is especially popular among the Bodybuilding and athletic community because it is not banned like most Anabolic Steroids and it carries with it very few side effects, if any at all.

It is an annual flowering plant in the caltrop family, which grows around the world. It can adapt in a variety of dry conditions where other plants refuse to grow, including in some parts of the western United States. In some parts of the world, it is known as the Bindii plant.

How Does it Promote Increased T?

The tribulus terrestris plant contains a compound known as protodioscin, which is a steroidal saponin thought to help boost levels in men. Although there has never been a large-scale study on the effects of tribulus terrestris, one small Lithuanian study shined some light on how it works. A group of athletic men were given 625mg of tribulus that contained 40% saponins three times per day for a total of 20 days.

The researchers found that while levels continued to climb for the first 10 days of the study, they plateaued at the 10th day and did not rise any further. It is believed that the tribulus plant increases the concentration of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) or luteinizing hormone (LH), both of which trigger the testicles to produce naturally.

Other Common Ingredients

Of course, tribulus terrestris isn’t the only ingredient found in today’s testosterone boosters for sale. There are several other common compounds, often mixed into proprietary blends and packaged alongside Vitamins B and D.

The chart below shows some of the most common and how they are purported to boost natural levels. To fully answer the question “Do boosters work?” it’s important to examine many of the ingredients found in today’s high-end test boosters.

Booster IngredientWhat it Does
D-Aspartic Acid
Studies have shown that doses between 3 and 6 grams may reduce free testosterone levels.
Oyster Extract
Many believe the high levels of zinc help the body produce more testosterone.
Vitamin D3
May boost testosterone if starting levels are very low.
Enhances insulin resistance and may boost testosterone levels in some men.

Do Boosters Work for Everyone?

Like any drug or supplement, boosters may have different effects in different bodies. However, those who have taken the time to research the tribulus plant have found that the best results come from the right preparations.

You should look for a booster supplement that contains no less than 6% protodioscin and about 40% total saponins to see results, and you should aim to consume between 2.5 and 4.5mg of the protodioscin per pound of body weight each day to raise and maintain your natural levels.do test boosters work?

The Bottom Line – Do Test Boosters Really Work?

With all of this information in mind, you might be anxious to find test boosters that work to help you grow lean muscle mass more quickly. The studies performed on the ingredients shown here are all conflicting.

Some have shown positive results and others have shown no results at all. Experts say that if your natural levels are low to start with, or even if they are on the low end of normal, it may be possible to boost them using common vitamins, minerals, and plants, with tribulus terrestris, fenugreek, and Zinc topping the potency list.

However, for men who have high natural levels, these herbs may do very little. Do boosters really work? Consider this: at the high end, normal levels top out at around 1000 nanograms per deciliter. Bodybuildees using exogenous will boost their levels up to 4000 or 5000 nanograms per decilitre. If you’re interested in reaching these numbers, then test boosters will not do this for you.

However, if you are interested in raising your numbers within the normal range, or perhaps even slightly above it, then there is no doubt that certain ingredients and blends can help you achieve this. Just be aware that you should not expect the same results from a booster as you would get from real exogenous hormones.

How to Buy Boosters

Before you run out and buy test boosters, be sure to do your research. For example, some expensive boosters contain blends of nothing more than vitamin D3, zinc, and fenugreek, which are relatively inexpensive when purchased on their own. In this case, rather than spending a fortune on a pre-blended tablet or capsule, you can simply buy each ingredient.

On the other hand, if you want to take a booster containing tribulus terrestris, a blend is a great idea. In this case, look for a brand that has a reputation for quality and combines several powerful boosting ingredients into one capsule at a great price.

People continue to ask the age-old question, “do boosters work?” and the answer remains the same. Tribulus terrestris is by far one of the most potent boosters out there, and whether or not it works for you depends on the quality of the product and your unique body chemistry.

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