Best Burger in the World

Cheat Day: Find the Best Burger in the World

Best Burger in the WorldOne thing many people crave on “cheat day” is a delicious burger.

Don’t settle for fast food, when the best burger in the world could be right around the corner.

Here are six burgers from around the globe you will want to try.

#1. The Big Blacows, Toyko, Japan

The Big Blacows is known for serving meat exclusively from Japanese Black Wagyu, a breed genetically predisposed to marbling.

This restaurant even has an in-house butcher who prepares patties behind a glass partition in full view of the restaurant’s patrons.

The house specialty is a double-patty burger covered with Colby Jack cheese and piled high with other toppings such as Lettuce, tomato, avocado, bacon, grilled onion, and fried egg.

#2. Fergburger, Queenstown, New Zealand

This quaint restaurant has been proclaimed as the “best burger joint on the planet” by CNN Go.

Attention to detail is what sets Fergburger apart, as the sauces are made fresh from scratch daily and the patties are shaped by hand.

Even the buns are baked fresh daily at the bakery next door. Surprisingly, the “best burger in the world” may actually be the Little Lamby, a lamb burger containing mint jelly, red onion, lettuce and tomato relish.

#3. Butcher’s Club, Hong Kong, China

Known for its imported American and Australian beef, Butcher’s Club offers a burger with only five toppings: special sauce, pickle, bacon, cheese, and tomato.

Each farmer raises cattle to exact specifications, and then the beef is dry aged to perfect its flavor.

This restaurant’s reputation for quality is what causes people to line up for their burgers year round.

#4. Pono Burger, Santa Monica, California, United States

The Pono Burger may not have been named the “best burger in the world”, but it has been recognized as one of the top burgers in the Los Angeles area and the state of California.

The key to this burger’s success is the use of local and organic ingredients to create toppings such as housemade wasabi mayonnaise, sesame ponzu dressing, coleslaw, and homemade russet Potato chips.

#5. Minetta Tavern, New York City, United States

Located in Greenwich Village, this tavern has hosted the likes of Ernest Hemingway and Eugene O’Neill.

In business since 1937, the tavern maintains much of its original décor, including its tin ceiling. Minetta Tavern is known for its Black Label burger, which is made from dry-aged beef drizzled with clarified butter and topped with caramelized onions.

#6. Burger Lounge, Coolangatta, Australia

The owners of the Burger Lounge go out of their way to ensure pure ingredients.

From choosing hormone and chemical-free meats to ordering sugar-free sourdough buns delivered fresh daily by a local bakery, every ingredient is carefully chosen.

The patties are also created by hand, and can be served inside an iceberg lettuce cap for those who are carb conscious.

Which of these is actually the best burger in the world is a subject of much debate.

The only way for you to determine this is to try all of these choices for yourself – best pack your bags.

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