Evening Primrose Oil for acne

Can You Use Evening Primrose Oil for Acne?

Evening Primrose Oil for acneThere have been many questions and some speculation about using Evening Primrose Oil for acne. The good news is that it can and often does work for people who have mild, moderate, and in some cases even severe acne. In fact, people who review the product say it doesn’t get the attention it rightfully deserves. Here is everything you should know about treating acne with Evening Primrose Oil.

Two Powerful Ingredients

There are two powerful ingredients in the Bauer Nutrition Evening Primrose Oil supplement that can help clear and prevent acne breakouts.

  • GLA, or Gamma-Linolenic Acid – This is an omega-6 fatty acid that makes up the bulk of the oil. One of its best properties is its ability to balance hormones, which are one of the leading causes of moderate to severe acne. Although the results are not instant, using Evening Primrose Oil for acne should produce noticeable results in just one week thanks to the GLA.
  • Natural Vitamin E – Your body can’t make vitamin E, so it is absolutely crucial that you get it from your diet or through supplementation. The sebum in your skin (a type of oil that protects your skin and keeps it moist) contains a high amount of vitamin E naturally, and any deficiency in vitamin E could cause breakouts due to an imbalance in the composition of that sebum. Vitamin E is especially effective at treating cystic acne, which causes blemishes below your skin rather than on the top layers of your skin.

Both of these ingredients work together to help reduce the number and severity of blemishes, whether you have traditional or cystic acne – or both. Although some sources say that Evening Primrose oil for acne should be applied topically, this can actually worsen breakouts. Consuming the capsules will allow the sebum in your skin to transport vitamin E from your bloodstream.

How to Maximize the Effects

If you want to maximize the effects of Evening Primrose Oil for acne, don’t pay attention to wives’ tales that say you shouldn’t eat chocolate or potato chips. In fact, the food you eat has very little effect – if any at all – on your acne. There are still some things that you can do while using Evening Primrose Oil to help speed up and maximize the effects.

  • Try products containing salicylic acid, if your skin can tolerate it. This helps dry the blemishes and will allow them to clear more quickly.
  • Use a clean washcloth each time you wash your face, and never use only your hands since they can transfer excess oils from your skin to your face.
  • Don’t wash your face multiple times each day. Once in the morning and once in the evening is all you need, and you should use the mildest cleansers possible. Washing too frequently or with products that are too harsh can irritate the skin and make acne worse.

Evening Primrose Oil for acne truly can work, and most people who try it start to see noticeable results in just one week. Once your skin is clear, continue using the Evening Primrose Oil to keep your hormones balanced and any future blemishes at bay.

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