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Bryan Mistretta – Personal Trainer

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Name: Bryan Mistretta
Age: 31
Stats: 6’0” / 185 lbs
Location: San Diego, USA

Why did you decide to become a personal trainer?

Bryan Mistretta Personal TrainerI was a competitive athlete my entire life and I went on to play collegiate rugby and graduate with a business management degree. I wanted to find a way to combine both of those together and do something I love. I’ve always been good at getting along with all walks of life and making people feel comfortable. Fitness and health have always been a passion so it seemed like a perfect fit!

What is your training philosophy?

My philosophy revolves around Training the body for what we you do in everyday life. Most of my training involves functional, dynamic movements in a circuit fashion. Total body strength training while getting the Cardiovascular benefit at the same time. Total body strength training is the best way to maximize your time in the gym and make you better and stronger for whatever life throws at you. I also always make sure to keep every workout different, fun and unique so that there are always varying demands placed on the body and it doesn’t get boring mentally either!

What are your own personal goals?

My personal goals revolve around showing people that you can still be in above average shape and health while still enjoying delicious foods and having fun. I want to be a role model for those who want to achieve the best in health and business. I have hefty goals for my private training gym as well as the number of people I want to help along the way.

What type of exercise do you most prefer and why?

Personally I like a combination of heavy strength training and circuit training. I’m so extremely active it can be hard for me to put on weight/muscle. I mostly do circuit training classes at my gym which makes me feel like a conditioned athlete again, but I also enjoy lifting some heavy weights from time to time. Its also my mental therapy!

What common mistakes do you most often see from ‘experienced’ gym goers?

Most common mistakes typically include people lifting way too heavy and losing the proper form. It’s always better to drop the weight down and perform the exercise perfectly through all of your reps, than to add on weight and perform movements incorrectly. The other huge mistake is when people think they can out-train a Bad Diet. I don’t care how much you work out, if you eat shit all the time, don’t ask me why you’re not seeing results.

What advice do you have for people just starting out?

Be patient! Results don’t happen overnight. The most important key to success whether its fitness, health, business, work etc. is CONSISTENCY. Make a game-plan and let fitness become part of your daily routine. The only way to see any change is by being consistent.

What do you get asked most often as a trainer?

“How do I lose fat here” – while pointing to a specific spot on their body. The body doesn’t work that way! The combination of total body strength training and a Nutrition plan will reduce fat and build lean muscle everywhere. We always want to focus on body composition change, not what the scale says.

How do you keep your clients motivated?

I try to always make them feel good about themselves. Even the smallest improvements can and should be celebrated. It can be something as little as form being better or more range of motion with an exercise. Little doses of encouragement and recognition is key. Plus it’s just fun to compliment people and I try to be one of the best parts of their day. Not the hour you dread all day.

And, how do you keep yourself motivated?

Training all of my amazing clients keeps me motivated. I constantly setup events in the near future that motivate me to stay in top shape. At my gym I have a leader board and at the top I wrote, “”Do more Pushups or pull-ups than the owner and you get a free membership””. It’s very important that you lead by example and I always practice what I preach.

What is your favorite memory as a personal trainer?

My birthday last year. I setup a party for my gym anniversary for all of my friends and clients. Over 100 of my favorite people got together to celebrate, we hit over 115 five star reviews on yelp, they signed a picture book with words of encouragement and how much they loved training with me, and showered me in amazing gifts. It was a night I’ll never forget and I know the best is yet to come.

Finally, what is your favorite cheat food?

This is easy. I’m an Italian boy from New York…Give me that Pizza all day!

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