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Winstrol V – Can I Use It In A Stack?

Winstrol V is the name given to the veterinary-grade version of Stanzolo commonly used in animals. Because it is quite potent, it’s only given to larger animals, including some larger-breed dogs.

It’s rarely given to cats as overdose is difficult to avoid. Because this steroid is often easier to find than its human-grade counterpart, men often turn to it for their cutting cycles. If you choose to do so, use it with extreme caution and only in a carefully-planned stack.

How Winstrol V Benefits Animals

Anemia is the most common condition for which Stanozolol is prescribed when it comes to animals. When there are not enough red blood cells in the body, animals may suffer from exhaustion and Fatigue for no apparent reason. Simple lab tests can confirm the diagnosis, and this steroid can help their bodies produce more red blood cells.

It may also be prescribed to animals following surgery to help them recover, or for other illnesses and conditions which might make it difficult for an animal to grow and thrive. Winstrol V may be an option for animals who have had traumatic injuries leading to blood loss; it can help them recuperate far more quickly.winstrol v

Why People Take It?

Humans use this steroid for many of the same reasons as animals. It used to be commonly prescribed to treat anemia, to help children who failed to grow, or to help people with compromised immune systems with their appetites. It is a dry steroid, so it may also be given to individuals who are suffering with hereditary angioedema to relieve swelling.

Because it improves anabolic conditions within the body, athletes and bodybuilders use it to maintain muscle mass while on cutting cycles, gain strength and endurance, and burn body fat prior to competitions. When used carefully, and when it is obtained from a trusted source, veterinary-grade can be quite safe.

In fact, Winstrol V is also one of the very few anabolic steroids that is considered safe for women because it has a very low androgenic rating. This means that women who choose V are at less risk for virilization, which is a medical term used to describe the development of male physical features like excess body hair or even a deeper voice.

Women must use a much smaller dose than their male counterparts, but they can achieve spectacular results whether they are bulking, cutting, or simply working to improve their performance.

How to Use

Veterinary grade comes in a 50mg/mL concentration that is intended for injection. Since 50mg is the most common dosage for cutting cycles (for men), you should only use 1mL per day for a maximum of six to eight weeks. This helps to reduce the risk of side effects, but gives the Stanozolol ample time to help harden your muscles and provide the Vascularity you want.

If you buy Winstrol V  from a trusted source, you can even consume the serum orally and still receive the best benefits, though those who prefer to drink it won’t get the same intense Energy Boost. Your results will mimic those associated with using the oral version of the steroid. Because women need so little (up to 20mg daily compared to 50mg for men), dosing this product can be difficult.

Read more about for women here. In some cases, you may be able to find someone who can convert into human-grade steroids either in Suspension or tablet form, and this can make it easier for women to obtain the right dosage. Oftentimes, this simply involves carefully diluting the serum to a standard concentration, but without proper equipment, this is very difficult to do.

GoalsDaily Dose (Women)Daily Dose (Men)

*Not a common bulking agent for men as it does not produce large gains, especially in men who have experience with steroids.

However, at very high doses, it can produce small, yet high-quality gains in men who are particularly sensitive to its effects. Other steroids are better at bulking at lower doses, which means this steroid is not recommended in this case. What’s more, doses of more than 50mg carry a higher risk of serious side effects, too.

How to Create a Proper Stack

Because the steroid is the same as human-grade Stanozolol at the molecular level, and because it’s relatively simple to dose, the stack options are the same, too. During a 12-week cutting phase for men, you might choose to use it as follows:

  • Weeks 1-12: 500mg testosterone per week;
  • Weeks 1-8: 400mg Equipoise per week; and
  • Weeks 8-12: 50mg V daily.

Though there are better steroids available For Bulking, there are some cases in which it can be beneficial in a bulking stack, as well.

For example, some bodybuilders will follow up a wet steroid cycle with V to help them dry out and regain definition after bulking. The following cycle is a great example of this.

  • Weeks 1-6: 50mg Dianabol per day;
  • Weeks 7-8: 50mg V per day; and
  • Weeks 1-8: 500mg testosterone per week for the entire length of the cycle.

Six weeks of Dianabol will definitely help you realize gains, but in the end, much of those gains will be water weight. By adding it to the tail of the cycle for a short period of only two weeks, you can effectively dry out that water weight and achieve harder, more defined muscles. Men should remember to run PCT with the SERM of their choice for at least four weeks after such a cycle to help kickstart testosterone production.Winstrol V Cycle

Cycles for Women

Unlike men, women have no need to supplement their Winstrol V with testosterone. This means a woman can run a V only cycle without much in the way of concern.

However, some women prefer to combine it with a steroid like Equipoise or Primobolan since these can assist in hardening muscle tissue or boosting gains, when that is the goal. A sample bulking cycle for women may look something like this:

  • Weeks 1-6: 20mg V per day; and
  • Weeks 7-10: 25mg to 50mg per day Primobolan, depending on tolerance.

Whereas men must take supplements for PCT in order to reboot their bodies’ ability to produce testosterone, this is not the case for women. Nonetheless, it is a good idea for women to taper down the dose of their steroids for the last seven to 14 days of their cycles.

This will help ease the transition back into normal hormone levels, thus allowing women to avoid potential sides that come as the result of hormone imbalances. Because Winstrol V doesn’t readily aromatize, there is no real need to pair it with an AI. However, it can and does suppress natural testosterone production.

For this reason, men should stack it with testosterone, or at the very least, finish off with a few weeks of PCT consisting of a trusted SERM such as Clomid or Nolvadex.

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