White Rice vs Brown Rice

Brown Rice vs White Rice

White Rice vs Brown RiceChoosing the right foods to put into your body is a vital part of bodybuilding and fitness success. One of the best sources of carbohydrates that you can consume is rice. In the discussion of brown rice vs white rice, many people are confused as to which one is the best fit for their needs. Here is some information regarding the difference between the two.

The Glycemic Index Difference

The Glycemic Index (GI) is a system that is used to rate how quickly a food will raise the blood sugar levels in the body. The lower the GI level is, the longer it will take the body to digest the food. Most people are surprised to learn that white rice has a higher GI level than the brown rice. This means that by consuming the white rice, you will be able to spike the insulin in your body. This spike will allow the body to go into an anabolic state, which is ideal for muscle building. White rice is the clear winner in this category due to the higher GI level it has.

Fiber and Protein

Getting large quantities of fiber and protein is important in the muscle building process. The higher amounts of fiber will allow the muscle tissue to absorb higher levels of amino acids, which enables it to grow. Brown rice is the clear winner when it comes to the fiber and protein category. Most white rice is considered to be devoid of any real nutritional value and usually referred to as having empty calories. There are some white rice varieties, like white basmati, that have more nutritional value and are nearly equivalent to brown rice.

Micro Nutrients and Anti-Nutrients

Another very important thing to consider when trying to choose between white or brown rice is are the micro and anti-nutrient content. For the most part, white rice is brown rice with the outer layers removed. Most of the nutrients that are in brown rice are found in the outer portion, which means that white rice is very low in these substances.

The Arsenic Content

Most people are usually surprised to learn that nearly all rice contains small amounts of arsenic. While this may sound a bit scary, the arsenic content in the rice you consume is not nearly high enough to do any damage to the body. Even so, brown rice has a much higher amount of arsenic in it, which can make some people choose white instead.

Generally, you will be much better off by consuming brown rice due to the nutritional value that it brings with it. In the fight over brown rice vs white rice, brown rice is more beneficial on the whole. Making brown rice a staple of your diet will provide you with the fuel you need to hit the Gym. Please take the time to check out our Macronutrient Calculator to assist you, in carb counting.





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