Weight Loss Ingredients

Best Natural Weight Loss Ingredients

When it comes to losing weight, there are certainly plenty of supplements on the market that claim to help. However, many of these chemical-laden capsules create unwanted side effects, and some just aren’t very good for you. Here, you’ll learn about the best natural weight loss ingredients and how they work.

#1 – Maqui Berry

Maqui Berry grows wild all over parts of South America. It’s a powerful weight loss supplement thanks to a number of antioxidants that help your body expel toxins. These same antioxidants directly affect the enzymes that your body needs to produce new fat cells, so when you use it regularly, your fat production also slows. Finally, Maqui Berry can improve your metabolism so that more of the fat you eat converts to energy rather than adipose tissue. Some refer to Maqui Berry as the holy grail of weight loss since its ingredients all work to produce synergistic effects.

#2 – Mangosteen

The Mangosteen is a delicious tropical fruit that grows in hot, wet climates around the world. It’s one of the best weight loss ingredients because it is packed with healthy antioxidants, much like the maqui berry, that can improve your body’s metabolism and help to block the production of new fat cells. These antioxidants, called xanthones, have been scientifically proven to help people lose weight, especially when use of Mangosteen extract is combined with a healthy diet and exercise program. You can find Mangosteen frozen or fresh in some specialty markets, but the best way to get your daily dose is through a capsule that contains freeze-dried mangosteen powder.

#3 – Yacon Root

Yacon root is a tuber that looks much like a Sweet Potato. It grows only in parts of the Andes mountains, and it has only recently come into the spotlight as a great option for weight loss. Yacon Root works by improving your body’s insulin sensitivity, which means that more of the foods you consume are used for energy instead of being converted to fat. Yacon is also very important for digestive health as it’s a prebiotic and feeds the healthy bacteria in your gut, allowing them to break down foods more efficiently.

#4 – Green Coffee Bean Extract

Weight Loss IngredientsGreen Coffee bean extract is another of the best weight loss ingredients out there thanks to its high concentration of chlorogenic acid, which has been shown to burn sugar in the liver and slow the release of sugar into the bloodstream. When this happens, your metabolism speeds up naturally and allows you to burn more of the calories you consume as energy. Green coffee bean extract also contains Caffeine, which is a natural stimulant and thermogenic. It raises your body’s temperature just slightly, which helps to improve your metabolism even further.

Other weight loss ingredients that you might find in supplements include Garcinia Cambogia, caralluma fimbriata, green tea, and more. Although many supplements contain combinations of these ingredients, they all work well on their own to help you meet your weight loss goals – especially if you work hard and eat right.

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